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Sarah Rodriguez

Has Trash Talking Gone Too Far? 89

  • Posted by: Sarah Rodriguez
  • January 28, 2011, 1:09 PM

Trash talking in sports is all around us; everyone hears it constantly. While trash talking may be said jokingly, lately in professional sports it has gone too far.

Trash talking has moved away from harmless humor to something more serious and offensive. Especially in the NFL, the harsh and sometimes inappropriate words are weekly news headlines.

A recent example of crossing the line was prior to the AFC Divisional Playoff games. A huge battle of words occurred between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie started the word war by calling Patriots quarterback Tom Brady some names that no individual would ever want directed at them. Then, during a press conference, Patriots star receiver Wes Welker made references to Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s wife. Welker may have thought his comments were amusing, but Bill Belichick did not. He benched Welker for the first series of the game.

Many Jets players took offense to Welker’s words, responding with their own comments. Bart Scott threatened Welker by saying his days in a uniform were numbered. Nick Mangold, the Jets’ center, also chimed in by posting comments on Twitter. He made references to Welker being a great player and how the Jets need to keep a “spy” on him or he could really open the “gate.” Mangold’s comeback was aimed at Bill Belichick and the Patriots’ illegal videotaping scandal known as “Spygate.” It hasn’t been just the Patriots and Jets who have exchanged heated words. Almost every team took part in at least some type of trash talking.

Trash talking is viewed differently by each coach. For example, Ryan joins in with his players and supports the exchanges. He chose not to punish Cromartie for using an array of bleeped out words and saying how he hates Brady. On the other hand, Belichick took the calmer and more typical response of benching Welker. Would Welker’s presence to start the game have made a significant difference in the outcome? No one will know.

One thing that has become clear is that commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL have made it known that they are becoming less tolerant of talk that threatens others. The NFL has stated that if someone takes a “cheap shot” at another player in a game, their previously stated words will be used against them when they are disciplined. Trash talking may be entertaining and amusing, but recently it has just gone way too far.

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I hate this whole thing for so many reasons. Firstly, what players do and say through the media anymore is absolutely unacceptable. It is no laughing matter when a threat is made, or when inappropriate language is used. But seriously, Belichick? ONE SERIES?! If you're going to punish your players for unacceptable behavior, DO IT. Don't make it even more offensive to fans by making so light of the situation. It's time for these players and coaches to realize that the world watching them is made up of people who have standards, and that if the league is to continue to thrive, they need to accept those standards and keep their potty-mouth comments to themselves.

Well with the Jets, dont you think part of the reason they behave like this is BECAUSE of Rex Ryan.



Yeah,totally. but i still think they would trash talk WITHOUT Rex Ryan.

well i think so to but don't worry.

rex ryan is a TRASHING TALKING coach of the JETS

oh yeah i forgot to mention you could just tell that the pats are the good guys when they did the right thing and benched welker for the first series of plays and you know that a whole team is bad if the COACH , REX RYAN didnt love trash talking at all. it is insane. have you heard his press conferences. seriously.


and have you noticed that whenever trash talking comes up on SportsCenter its always the jets? or at least whenever you think about trash talk in the nfl? i am tired of it. jets should be fined HUGE for this remark they said about brady: they said they would knock him out for his entire CAREER. that just makes me so mad. thanks for reading~~~ plz reply


haha and yes, baseballfanatic, i am a HUGE PATS FAN!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOO PATS!!!!
but you know even if i wasnt a pats fan, i would still hate the jets. c'mon. you cant like the jets if they are not your #1 team. NEARLY EVERYONE dislikes them right now.

Are you a Pats fan too? We seem to have something in common.

In some sports it has but it should never go that far trash talking should just be you telling your friends mean stuff strait to them in a joking manner not for real

Yes it has gone too far. Players have gone too far and feelings are getting hurt.


Trash talk is not cool.

Thats not true think about Ryan Mathews. By the way he lives in my hometown.


you put welker may have THOUGH his comments were funny. but you should not say obscenitys like cromartie said and what welker said is just wrong keep it inside the game!

Hey HockeyHawk, could you please use more punctuation when you post. I find it hard to understand what you are trying to say.

Great Article. I agree that trash-talking has gone too far in the NFL, but I'm not so sure about other sports. It doesn't surprise me that it has gone too far in the NFL though. Most of the guy's in the NFL are spoiled toddlers anyway (except for Tim Tebow. What a guy.)

most of the guy'
s in the nfl are spoiled infants anyway (except for ray lewis.wat a hitter)

i agree to

i agree COMPLETELY! I think there should be a three strikes your suspended type of thing.

so true, the Jets better stick a sock in it next year or i'll be ticked


I really hate it when people talk trash in sports and especially on the professional stage. This is Casey reporting back to you!

ok casey this is nas but i think its just they dont have sportsmanship.

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