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The NFL's Three Turnaround Teams 29

  • Posted by: Julia Maddock
  • December 6, 2010, 4:13 PM

Talk about a turnaround! When last season ended, these teams were near, if not at, the bottom of the standings. But here they are now, leading their divisions and staying in the top five of their conference.

So you might ask: Who did that? What did they do? How did they do it?

Without further ado, the NFL’s three turnaround teams...


Chicago Bears
After ending the 2009 season 7-9 and 11th in the NFC, the Bears had little hope to be Super Bowl contenders. Now they already have more wins than last season. The Bears are quickly making their way to the playoffs and giving new hope to their loyal fans. With players like Brian Urlacher, Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers, the Bears have improved an amazing nine places in the NFL standings. Wow! And, who knows, maybe this year Jay Cutler will have a chance to lift the Lombardi trophy. Go Bears!

St. Louis Rams
Ending their 2009 season at the bottom of the NFC with a 1-15 record, the Rams appeared to have a bleak future. Many laughed at them. Then the Rams made an excellent choice in drafting Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford. Since then, St. Louis has improved dramatically in passing yards and have more than doubled their wins from last season. Going from last in the NFC to fourth in the conference is a big change. Bradford has had an amazing rookie year. Before him, there was little chance for the Rams to even get close to the playoffs. But here they are, working their way slowly to the not-far-off Super Bowl. Keep it up Rams!

Kansas City Chiefs
In 2009 the Chiefs were last in the AFC with a 4-12 record. Most felt that the Chiefs were never going to improve, let alone be where they are now. They are first in rushing in the NFL and have the third best record in the AFC. Best of all, they’re doubling their win total from last season and heading toward the playoffs. However, all of this didn’t happen overnight. Many changes have been made regarding plays and new players. With new draft picks Eric Berry, Dexter McCluster and Tony Moeaki, the Chiefs have a bright future! A future that the patient Chiefs fans have been waiting for! Of course, with Todd Haley leading the team and Matt Cassel leading the offense, maybe the Chiefs will end a 40-plus year wait for an appearance at the Super Bowl! Let’s go Chiefs!

I’m looking forward to watching these teams the rest of the season to see if they continue to surprise and impress us. But like they say in sports: If they don’t, there is always next season!

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they are really bringing it back lets go!!!!!


Julia, great article. But, did you put a hex on these teams? All three lost today.

the Bear's are not a turnaround Team.

the bears are freak'n awesome

You are so totally right

I totally agree, BUT i still think that Oakland should be up there.

THANKYOU finally

I smell a little CINDERELLA STORY!!! Great post!Gotta love the underdog

How could you possibly leave the the Browns off the list?

P.S Hire me next year, I won my middle school's writing award 2 years in a row! No kidding, I did.

really the browns you think the browns how about them eagles

Dude the Browns are 5-7 and in third place in their division. No ofense but I dont think you can be a kid reporter if you leave comments like that. I thought Julia did a great job. All three of those teams are winning their division. Amazing!!!!!!

wow. good point! they are great turn around teams. go sam bradford! jay cutler isnot that good.

jay cutler is doin really good

i give it a c- srry ut the raiders and the lions are turnaround teams!!!!!!

big blue amen you are absolutely right and there d is getting much better

i think the raiders are for sure one of the best turnaround teams because last year they had offensive struggles with Jamarcus Russell as their QB and Jason Campbell has improved as the QB since making the move to Oakland.

You are an awesome reporter!!! keep up the good work!!


OK jay cutler throws to many picks and how about the raiders talk about a turnaround

What about the Oakland Raiders. HockeyHawk, I agree with you, the Raiders should be in here. Another one is the Arizona Cardinals from first to worst.

Great Blog post A+ . look forward to hearing more from you.

i love how you write with all of the exclamation points and how you support all of those teams. good job!! :D

I give this article a A+++++++++++++

I luv the BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Cutler still throws too many INTs

YUP your correct

I know the improvement isn't showing up in the win column, but we can't completely overlook the Lions' improvement this season. They only have two victories, but they've hanged tough with the Bears twice, the Eagles, Patriots, and many other teams. They also completely demolished the Rams, who did make this list.

Yeah, the Lions did completely dimolish the Rams. But the Rams are 6-6, still have a better record than the Lions, and are still tied for first place!

yeah and wat is up with the RAIDERS not making the list come on julia you have to put the raiders up there

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