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NFL Violence: What Should be Done? 55

  • Posted by: Alan Chen
  • November 30, 2010, 12:16 PM

On October 17, a wave of concussions rocked the NFL. Among the victims was DeSean Jackson, wide receiver of the Philadelphia Eagles. Dunta Robinson, cornerback of the Atlanta Falcons, planted an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on him. Jackson suffered a serious concussion while Robinson was also hurt during the collision. They both laid on the ground for minutes.

Also suffering a concussion was Joshua Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns, who was leveled by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. Then there was Mohamed Massaquoi of the Browns, who was also hit hard by Harrison, suffering a concussion. “The events of Sunday were certainly disturbing to all of us,” said Ray Anderson, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations.

So what does this sudden rash of injuries mean? It begins to lead others (or at least me) to look inside the sport. Is football a violent sport? Yes. Are players going to get hurt? Yes. Are the physical effects of this game worth the TV viewers? It depends. That is just how the game of American football was crafted. Unless the entire game is changed completely, concussions and other injuries will always occur.

When you hear the word concussion, you probably think of a mild head injury. And you’re right… in some aspects. The medical definition of a concussion is a traumatic head injury that can occur from both mild and severe blows to the head. Well, when you’re playing football, blows to the head are something that happen frequently. Concussions usually aren’t fatal (notice that I said usually), but they can have effects such as confusion and slurred speech. For instance, if you have had multiple concussions, you can have symptoms such as sleep problems, mental disorders, and even depression. These symptoms can have a lasting effect on you the rest of your life.

While you may not be able to completely change the game, the NFL is trying to limit these injuries by fining or suspending players who deliver illegal blows. Harrison was fined $75,000 for two illegal hits. Robinson was charged $50,000.

In my opinion, the NFL should have taken more safety precautions years ago. No one can argue that football isn’t a physical sport, but when concussions are a regular routine, steps need to be taken to reduce the likelihood of these injuries. On the other hand, these illegal hits are sometimes inevitable.

“When you're playing football and you're going to deliver a hit, it's not like you really try to hit somebody in the head," said Washington Redskins fullback Mike Sellers. "It's just you're trying to deliver a blow, and sometimes it just ends up like that.”

In my opinion, Sellers is correct. These hits are almost accidental. When you try and deliver a hit, you just send it with full force, and sometimes it lands in the wrong places. Even in recreational football, or something as simple as a backyard game, injuries can occur.

So what will be the verdict of this tense subject? Only time will tell.

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Desean rocks! I mean desean jackson


go desean!!!

nice job

this is all so true! You hit it right on the head with all your facts

good wriing! football injuries really are inevitable, from my opinion

this is awesome! very nice writing and this is so true!

nice job! I loved reading it

Nice job! really good writing and i agree with you completely.

nice job ! very true and your writing is great!

You know, head-to-head contact is not the only large issue in American Football. I believe one of the even greater problems are the equipment in themselves. I was watching footballs games with my family over Thanksgiving and saw at least 4-6 helmets come straight off the players. It wasn't even that they were hard hits, or hits to the head at all. Rather, some were mild tackles from behind, or something similar. It is crazy that these helmets are coming off as frequent as they are.

As for the given topic, as previously stated, injuries are bound to happen to some degree. When going for a tackle, you can't flowercoat it, it's truly all or nothing. In a defense's mind, if the player isn't on the ground after you're through with them, you failed. Keep in mind, that when a taller person tackles a shorter person, collisions to the head are very likely. From experience, it is really difficult to tackle some one at the chest/waist/etc. when they are even 1/2 a foot smaller.

So to end, as in Harrison's case from the Steelers; I consider him a VERY good player... not because he hurt someone, but because he did his job. The Steelers are a tough team, and if the offense won't back down, then they better make sure they come on top so to speak. This goes for all teams, if you are an offense running near the defense (and you have the ball); you better back down from that defensive player, or put it in full force... otherwise you're bound for injuries.

You are right and it`s the players choice to play the sport and football is a contact sport and accidents happen.In my opinion if an accident happens then you can`t get all made about it beacause it`s your choice to play the sport and it`s your risk in the game.

very well written, violence in the NFL is a very thorny issue, it's interesting to see everybody's view on this...

Good job Alan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have any of u ever stepped on to a football feild in your life? because FROM a players standpoint we just try to make plays thay stan out so all those hard hits are supost to happen

p.s. we dont try to injure people we just try to hurt them

yeah, but you can't have a ton of people getting injured. When this kind of thing happens, consiquences happen

dude you just need to keep your opinion to yourself and just like your parents taught you IF YOU DON`T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON`T SAY NOTHING AT ALL!

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Very informative. Yeah, I agree with you. Injuries can happen.

I liked your report. I found it very fascinating. You're right, if people are getting concussions more often, then someone should fine the players who cause more injuries.

i am a colts fan but i gotta agree with u sportscenter3 the fake was not cool and was cheap

yeah that was so not cool

Your crazy because football is a CONTACT sport so I like big hits! When i play football I hit people as hard as i can

You and Sellers are absolutely right. These hits are almost inevitable. Accidents do happen, but they still should be pentalized. The real problem here is that the NFL is going way too far. The officials are pentalizing hits that are perfectly legal according to NFL rules, and cause no apparant harm to the player who took the hit. Look at last week's game between the Steelers and Raiders. The Steelers were pentalized fourteen times over the course of the game. Three of these flags were very questionable. The first was on Ryan Clark for a helmet-to-helmet hit, even though Clark hit his opponant in the upper back, not the head. The second was for pushing Raiders QB Jason Campbell to the ground just after Campbell threw a pass. The hit wasn't blatantly late, and it really wasn't a hit at all- just a shove with two hands. The third? A fifteen yard penalty for LANDING ON TOP OF CAMPBELL WITH THE PLAYER'S "FULL BODY WEIGHT ON TOP OF HIM". Is this what America's favorite sport is coming to? Where we can't land on top of a player? Insane.

nice writing

hey you should be a kid reporter that comment you just made was pretty good.
and i agree, you should have seen a colts game i watched where manning faked a "helment to helmet contact" thing and i watched it and it was crazy. note to everyone: this is Peyton's league, don't mess with him. haha :)

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