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NFL Violence: What Should be Done? 55

  • Posted by: Alan Chen
  • November 30, 2010, 12:16 PM

On October 17, a wave of concussions rocked the NFL. Among the victims was DeSean Jackson, wide receiver of the Philadelphia Eagles. Dunta Robinson, cornerback of the Atlanta Falcons, planted an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on him. Jackson suffered a serious concussion while Robinson was also hurt during the collision. They both laid on the ground for minutes.

Also suffering a concussion was Joshua Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns, who was leveled by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. Then there was Mohamed Massaquoi of the Browns, who was also hit hard by Harrison, suffering a concussion. “The events of Sunday were certainly disturbing to all of us,” said Ray Anderson, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations.

So what does this sudden rash of injuries mean? It begins to lead others (or at least me) to look inside the sport. Is football a violent sport? Yes. Are players going to get hurt? Yes. Are the physical effects of this game worth the TV viewers? It depends. That is just how the game of American football was crafted. Unless the entire game is changed completely, concussions and other injuries will always occur.

When you hear the word concussion, you probably think of a mild head injury. And you’re right… in some aspects. The medical definition of a concussion is a traumatic head injury that can occur from both mild and severe blows to the head. Well, when you’re playing football, blows to the head are something that happen frequently. Concussions usually aren’t fatal (notice that I said usually), but they can have effects such as confusion and slurred speech. For instance, if you have had multiple concussions, you can have symptoms such as sleep problems, mental disorders, and even depression. These symptoms can have a lasting effect on you the rest of your life.

While you may not be able to completely change the game, the NFL is trying to limit these injuries by fining or suspending players who deliver illegal blows. Harrison was fined $75,000 for two illegal hits. Robinson was charged $50,000.

In my opinion, the NFL should have taken more safety precautions years ago. No one can argue that football isn’t a physical sport, but when concussions are a regular routine, steps need to be taken to reduce the likelihood of these injuries. On the other hand, these illegal hits are sometimes inevitable.

“When you're playing football and you're going to deliver a hit, it's not like you really try to hit somebody in the head," said Washington Redskins fullback Mike Sellers. "It's just you're trying to deliver a blow, and sometimes it just ends up like that.”

In my opinion, Sellers is correct. These hits are almost accidental. When you try and deliver a hit, you just send it with full force, and sometimes it lands in the wrong places. Even in recreational football, or something as simple as a backyard game, injuries can occur.

So what will be the verdict of this tense subject? Only time will tell.

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boooooo eagles goooooooo falcons!!!!!!!

Thats not good Especialy for my favorite team The Eagles =0 =(

Just don't hit helmet to helmet!
I don't mind the hard hits...
I just don't want Patriot players to be injured in helmet to helmet hits.

Exactly don't go for the helmet!
That was stupid!!!!!

Peace y'all

you are a talented writer

if you want to play defense in the NFL you should know how to deliver hard, clean hits

this kid is talented at writng blogs! i think that if you want to be on defense in the NFL then you should know how to deliver clean, hard hits. I also think the NFL is just getting annoying because you cannot stop injuries from happening in sports.

yeah what should we do about it

cant wait for your next blog.
you are so talented.

I agree with this kid because people are getting seriously injured like Ryan Grant and Dallas Clark. They are both out for the season.

i have no idea why u want to hurt someone.u can still light um up, just go in with your shoulder

i think you're right or correct

I think that head hits are all part of the game, plus they are fun to do and watch just not fun to get.

I completely agree with you. Football is football, when you go on the field you are risking the big hit. The players know that so just let them play.

I think that, head hits are, of course, unintentional. But also, it's what makes football more like football, IT'S PART OF FOOTBALL! It's obviously a bad part, but the players just like enjoying the game. If you haven't noticed, the NFL isn't just about the fans enjoying themselves, it's also sorta about the players enjoying themselves too. The whole fining thing is just dumb, because the hits are unintentional! I mean, I see the concussions are quite dangerous, and the NFl wants to reduce those hits as much as possible, but still the players OBVIOUSLY didn't mean to do it. Oh and by the way, even though DeSean Jackson is a self-centered jerk, he still ROCKS!!

I think that the head hits are all part of the game and plus they are fun to watch and do.

that should go down as a penalty.

I agree

Cant beleve how much players are hurt from that

One of the packer CBs got fined for a head to head hit but i don't think it was neccesary becaus the guy fell backwords and their heads hit.

Hey Alan, I never knew you could write so well!! I believe that since football was made to be a contact sport, violence and injuries are inevitable. When players choose to play football, they have to take into consideration that they will most likely get hurt or injured. That is why you have to love what you do!
-Your cousin

I mean, it is a good story, but the NFL overreacted

IT Is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally right!

A big part of this issue I think is that the players taking hits are not necessarrily doing enough to protect themselves. How many times do we see players going out onto the field without their chinstraps snapped in place or their mouthguards out, or whatever? They have the equipment that is designed to protect them and prevent possible injuries- USE IT. I realize that not all injuries are preventable this way, but I think players should be pentalized for not doing all they can to help themselves.

yeah in hockey you get a 10 minute penalty for not having on a neck guard or a mouthguard


I know they be tackling them like its a peice of gold.


eagles rock!!!!!!!

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