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Marissa McBride

The Madness of March! 26

  • Posted by: Marissa McBride
  • April 2, 2010, 2:53 PM

Cinderellas come by once in awhile. They defy all odds and beat that invincible team who was the undoubted favorite. These teams come out of nowhere; they surprise you with their passion and faith, and it ruins your brackets. 

The 2010 NCAA tournament contained many Cinderellas, and a whole lot of upsets. The Villanova Wildcats were expected to make the Final Four, just as they did last year. Coming into the tournament with a string of losses, the future looked bleak. A team named St. Mary’s from California came to play, while Villanova left their game at home. Led by the 6’ 11” Omar Samhan, St. Mary’s came out and finished strong. They defeated the stunned Wildcats, with team captain Scottie Reynolds scoring only eight points.

Another upset, and possibly the biggest one, was Northern Iowa versus Kansas (the tournament’s number 1 overall seed). Kansas fell behind this fast-paced offense early in the game, but went on a run late in the second half. Ali Farokhmanesh, one of the undisputed leaders of Northern Iowa, had the ball near the three-point line. The reasonable play would be to hold the ball and try to run the clock out, but Farokhmanesh let it fly and swished a three to put Northern Iowa up for the rest of the game. This play demoralized Kansas, and left them shocked that a team from Northern Iowa could knock them out of title contention.

On the first day of the tournament, seeded Georgetown would be knocked out by 14th-seeded Ohio, who came limping into the tournament with a losing record in Mid-American Conference play. Georgetown had a strong, tough team, but Ohio shined that day and came up big. Ohio was leading the whole game, and picked the perfect time to have a good game.

This 2010 tournament was a buzzer-beating phenomenon with surprises around every corner. With the Final Four coming up, expect more upsets.

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Kentucky is the best of all ncaa teames

I agree. GO UK!

I agree

Northern Iowa is crazy!How'd they beat Kansas?!

No dough! Northern Iowa as beast! They should of won the NCAA trdmnt


Kansas was all hype and Northern Iowa never got the credit they deserved they only had like 6 losses the whole year. Same with saint Mary's they were good but never got recognized. Now the Ohio was remarkable and a big shock to me. The championship will be a great game but lets not forget that in the preseason rankings Butler was in the top 10.

Duke rocks thay gonna be Champs UNC stinks thts all

Duke is pretty good but you have to admit that UNC is good too.

O.K. I'm a giant Tar Heel fan, but I'm gonna' let that slide. I don't mind Duke, and I'm glad they beat Butler (I hate Butler) but come on... really?

I hope duke loses since Ilike UNC and Butler deserves the win way more than Duke

Actually they do deserve to be here because they beat #1 Syracuse and #2 Kansas State!! Whod Duke win against that was so good,#4 Purdue without a Robby Hummel!!??!

I like UNC and all that, but Butler is a no name team that I think DOESN'T deserve it! They'll always be a no name team to me.

I'm a giant Tar Heel fan too! The only problem is I HATE Butler. So sorry, I just have to go with Duke.

Duke Rocks and I want to know why u think Butler deserves it more because they dont

actually butler was in the top 10 in the preseason are on a 25 game win streak and are 33-4

All i got to say is UNC stinks and Duke is gonna wion it all Butler doesnt even deserve to be here right not they r so lucky

Duke better win 2nite!

I like Duke as well! I mean I'm a giant Tar Heel fan and all that but I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't like Butler.

I someday wish that there will be a low seed taht goes all the way

MONTANA STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope one day that a 16seed beats a 1seed

IN MEN's you mean women's got uno

im kind of glad there was upsets but mad because they ruined my bracket! grrrrr!

this is a crazy tornament!!!!!

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