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Grading the NBA's Big Deals 17

  • Posted by: Zach Parnes
  • February 22, 2010, 3:15 PM

The NBA trade deadline ended on Thursday. This year had one of the most exciting countdowns in recent years. Lets take a look at some of the biggest deals…

Tracy McGrady sent to Knicks, Kevin Martin leaves Kings for Rockets
This was an interesting move for the Knicks, who have wanted to acquire a big name player for a while. I think that the Knicks will see what McGrady is able to do on the court and attempt to use him as a hook for free agents next year, such as Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.

Kevin Martin is a very good player who hasn’t gotten enough recognition in the league. With this trade, Martin will move to Houston and be a new and emerging talent alongside Trevor Ariza. The Rockets also received the Knicks’ first-round draft pick in 2012, and the right to swap first-round picks in 2011.

Trade grades
Rockets: A+
Houston did the right thing with this trade, which I think will give them a shot at the playoffs.

Kings: C
The Kings did lose Kevin Martin but were able to acquire Carl Landry, a very good power forward who will make a big impact on the team in the long run.

Knicks: B
The addition of Tracy McGrady will help the Knicks if he is able to stay healthy. However, losing first round pickd will hurt the team.

Antawn Jamison heads to Cavaliers
The Cavs have been looking for a very good post player from the time LeBron James landed in Cleveland. With the addition of Antawn Jamison, the Cavs will finally have that type of player. The Cavs made the right move by going after Jamison, but I was surprised that they didn’t attempt to make a big deal to acquire Suns big man Amar’e Stoudemire. If the Cavs did get Stoudemire I would have picked them to win the finals. However, I don’t think Jamison will be enough for the Cavs to make it to the finals.

Now let’s talk about the other side of the deal. The Washington Wizards traded Jamison for Zydrunas Ilgauskas, better known as Big Z. With this deal I think the Wizards have taken out a key piece of their offense and defense.

Trade Grades
Cavs: B+
I would have given them the A+ had they acquired Stoudemire, but Jamison will be a great addition to an already phenomenal team.

Wizards: D-
Big Z will probably be heading back to Cleveland after this year, which is yet another mistake by the Wizards.

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Celtics got Nate Robinson too!

nate robinson has potential to win the sixth man of the year award

Wizards are preeeety bad at trading

oh yeah my friend loves basketball.oh do you want me to tell you why? okay because friend is a basketball fan.

I still think it was a dumb move for the knicks to take McGrady. He's an old guy, who just dosn't have gusto. Also, if they're holding him as bait for Lebron, it's not gonna work. The cavs are going to win it all and Lebron will stay in Cleveland.

nice article, however I don't think the Knicks deserve a B..

Antawn Jamison is a very good trade to the Cavaliers because of hi style of play!

the cavs will make the finals anyway...they could have done it even without jamison. staudimire would have been nice but their team is stacked already...lebron, mo williams, shaq, and now they have jamison. so yeah they will win it all

The cavs are going to dominate the finals kobe and the lakers will lose in6 games

what about celtics?

Did anyone at all see the way the Celts DOMINATED the Cavs? The Boston Celtics are this year's Champs!

The Wizards can't do anything right can they.


gooooooooooooo lebron

What the Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck!

I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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