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NFL Conference Championship Previews & Predictions 36

  • Posted by: Alex Montag
  • January 22, 2010, 1:12 PM

Yes, football fans, it’s time to rejoice. It’s that wonderful time of year: the NFL Playoffs. 

So far this post-season, we have seen a share of crazy games and upsets (I don’t even know where to begin! The incredibly high scoring Cardinals-Packers game; the Ravens-Patriots game where New England was upset at home; or the Jets-Chargers upset… I can go on and on!).

However, I think the best matchups and performances have yet to come. Here are my predictions for the AFC and NFC Championship games, as well as for the Super Bowl...

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints
Although the Saints have home-field advantage and the Louisiana Superdome is a tough place to play, I feel like the Vikings will pull out the win by a small margin. I think Adrian Peterson will have a big day, and will simply run all over the Saints’ injury-plagued defense. Plus, I expect Brett Favre to step-up big and put on an even better performance than he did against the Cowboys. A trip to the Super Bowl for Favre will be colossal to his legacy and will act as a sort of pay back to the Packers, who refused to take him back when he wanted to come out of retirement two years ago. However, I think the dynamic New Orleans passing attack, lead by Drew Brees, will keep the game extremely close.
Final Score: Vikings 38, Saints 35

AFC Championship: New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts
Yes, the Jets have been red-hot, and yes, Darrell Revis will probably lock down Reggie Wayne entirely, but I expect Peyton Manning to find his other receivers and lead his team to a victory. The New York rushing attack may cause some issues for the Indianapolis D (I expect Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene to each find the end zone at least once), but I think the Colts offense will just be too much to handle in the end, even for a very good Jets team. Sorry coach Rex Ryan, but when he’s on, there’s no stopping Peyton Manning.
Final Score: Colts 34, Jets 17

Super Bowl: Minnesota Vikings vs. Indianapolis Colts
This game can go either way. It all depends on who shows up with the better stuff. I think that the Vikings have a better defense, and if Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre can perform like they have in recent years, they may just squeak out a victory. However, Manning and company are on a roll, and if they steamroll over the Jets in the same way they did the Ravens, there will be no stopping them. They are confident, have a variety of receivers to throw to (sometimes too many to cover!), and a running game decent enough to keep the defense on their heals.
Final Score: Colts 31, Vikings 24
Super Bowl MVP: Peyton Manning

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well, maybe, but....

no way, dude!

well obviously your wrong he almost nearly predicted the colts-jets score...he said 34-17 and it was 30-17...i'd say thats pretty good. and he said that peyton wouldnt find reggie wayne but hed find all his other recievers and thats what he did...garcon collie and clark all had TDs

im with you

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