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Marissa McBride

Gender Equality in Sports 12

  • Posted by: Marissa McBride
  • November 24, 2009, 4:29 PM

Marissa McBride discusses whether men and women are treated equally in the sports world...

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Why not interview some boys to see the other side of the story??


i know right

women and men can play in the same leagues for all reasons


They should get the same attention but play in different leagues

I know right. It seems like the NBA gets more attention than the WNBA

i agree because women do not work well with men

I dont think thay are (and i'm a girl) but that's ok, men are better at sports anyway. ITS WAY MORE EXCITING!!!!!!! :D

The WNBA gets no advertisement because there's no exitement,hype,or fun to watch. It's too politically correct for my tastes. That's why it loses a lot of money every year.

I watch WNBA more than I watch the NBA [and im a guy] and I do think that the
WNBA needs more advertisment. So, I agree with you guys are more fun to watch
but not in basketball [thats my comment not most guys]. :D

P.S Thats nice to know that girls really do get on this website. ;]

The warriors are going down hill after 08.Also when Baron Davis left,Al Harrington,and now Stephen Jackson.

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