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Alex Montag

Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts 29

  • Posted by: Alex Montag
  • September 22, 2009, 6:19 PM

"Fantasy Wizard in training" Alex Montag takes a look at the early season fantasy football sleepers and busts.

If you have a fantasy football question for Alex, leave it in the comments section. He'll answer the best ones in his next video blog!







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The most under rated receiver is Mike Sims-Walker

I am new to fantasy football. I have never played a fantasy football game. When do you know what team you are going to play.


Drew brees is beast on my fantasy football league

yeah crayton is VERY underrated. another great underrated RB is Felix Jones of the c boys. HES A BEAST!!!!!

you should get adrian peterson

The most overrated receiver is Chad Ochocinco and the most underrated is PERCY HARVIN! he is amazing

The most over rated reciever is Randy Moss and Terell Owens. The most under ratted is Jhonny Knox on the Chicago Bears and he is the best of all time

Who is your most overrated wide receiver? Who is the most underrated one?

the most overrated receiver is hiens ward all he is, is a decoy the most underrated receiver is patric crayton that guys a BAEST!

What ever hiens ward is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!

You bet Hiens Ward is the best WR out there (Especially since he went to UGA!)

Should I trade Aaron Rodger for Kurt Warner? Do Brett Farve or Michael Vick has any Fantasy value?

yes because Kurt Warner has larry fitzgerald,anquan boldin and steve breaston.Also aaron rodgers only has greg jennings and donald driver. trade aaron rodgers!!!!!!!

Hi, I have no idea what you are talking about but all I know is that Larry Fitzgerald is the best player in the whole NFL and is my idol and will live on forever. YAAAAAA GO LARRY FITZGERALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurt Warner. He led the Cardinals to a Super Bowl.

who is the best sleeper tight end? I need a guy without giving up too much. I could trade Devin Hester, Jonathon Stewart, or Ahmad Bradshaw for a tight end, someone who will get a good amount of fantasy points. Any suggestions?

greg olson

will drew brees break all the passing records this season!!?

I like it.

I think the colts are going to win super bowl and manning the mvp

dude great video. very informative. one question, is it possible to have a good fantasy team without a star running back? the common fantasy football idea is that you need a pair of great running backs to win.

umm patriots just because of trading seymour? no they have lost 3 top def players due to retirements 2 to free agrents 1 to trade and numerous others to injuries patriots are dead for fantasy def

I'm about to do a draft with my friends. who should my first pick be? nice hat

DeAngelo Williams, Adrian Petrson, Michal Turner, Matt Forte, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, Chris Johnson, or Larry Fitzgerald

adrian peterson

Best RB in the NFL.


AdriaN Peterson from minnestota

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