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NFL Week 2 Predictions 35

  • Posted by: Zach Parnes
  • September 18, 2009, 12:44 PM

Week 1 of the NFL season turned out to be one of the best starts to in league history. From a lucky win in Denver to injuries for big name players, Week 1 will surely go down in the records books.

As exciting and hard-hitting as Week 1 was, I feel that there will only be more thrilling action ahead. As I looked at some of the matchups for this week, I realized that both of the prime time games will be exciting. On Sunday night the New York Giants will travel to Dallas and take on the Cowboys. This NFC East showdown is just one of the many great games ahead. The Monday night game will also be exciting as the Indianapolis Colts travel to Miami to play the Dolphins.

Here are my predictions for the upcoming week ahead…

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons and Michael Turner do well, but just come up short to the explosive offense of the Panthers. Final score: Panthers: 34, Falcons 24

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions
Adrian Peterson runs over the weak Lions defense, and the Vikings cruise to an easy victory. While doing this they also hand the lions their 19th straight loss.
Final Score: Vikings 41, Lions 17

Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers
The Bengals can’t seem to find the solution to Aaron Rodgers and the strong Packers secondary.
Final Score: Packers 24, Bengals: 0

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans
The hard-working Titans defense faces a challenge against Andre Johnson and the Texans, but in the end the Titans pull away with the win.
Final score: Titans 13, Texans 7

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
The Raiders’ struggles on defense continue to get worse as the Chiefs pull out a last-second win.
Final Score: Chiefs 13, Raiders: 10

New England Patriots at New York Jets
Tom Brady does well in his second game back. However, Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez has a tough day.
Final Score: Pats 31, Jets 10

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles
Drew Brees and the unstoppable Saints offense have the edge over the Eagles.
Final Score: Saints 34, Eagles 24

St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins
Clinton Portis has his game of the year and tramples over the weak Rams defense.
Final Score: Redskins 35, Rams 13

Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars
Maurice Jones-Drew has a shaky start against Arizona but eventually rushes for the game-winning TD. Despite Kurt Warner’s comeback attempt, last years NFC champs fall to 0-2.
Final Score: Jaguars 31, Cardinals 24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills
The Buccaneers have a tough time scoring but the game stays scoreless until Buffalo scores on a Terrell Owens touchdown.
Final Score: Bills 7, Buccaneers 0

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers have a great offensive game, but their poor defense forces an overtime, the one place that San Francisco cannot win.
Final Score: Seahawks 24, 49ers 21 (OT)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler is picked apart by the Steelers defense. Eventually Pittsburgh wins the game in the windy city.
Final Score: Steelers 17, Bears 0

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers
Darren Sproles is the star of the show as the Chargers get the win against the Ravens.
Final Score: Chargers 17, Ravens 13

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos
Brady Quinn has a star performance and leads the Browns to a win over Denver.
Final Score: Browns 24, Broncos 10

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
Justin Tuck and the Giants defense become too big of a challenge for the Cowboys, who lose the game.
Final Score: Giants 21, Cowboys 10

Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins
Ronnie Brown takes control of the ground game for the Dolphins and leads them to an overtime win against Peyton Manning and the Colts.
Final Score: Dolphins 17, Colts 14

Offensive Player of the Week: Darren Sproles, Chargers
Defensive Player of the Week: James Harrison, Steelers


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how could you pick the titans over the texans

I agree that the texans are email marketing

The Ravens losing to the chargers?!? no way

broncos destroyed the browns

ravens won

They are loosers! And this is their last win.

Ace, professional retoucher.

you have no clue what ur talkin about

What the bills winning? Have you seen the last few seasons? If you are right you are a oracle.

You are right about Dolphins vs Colts but the score will be 24-10 Dolphins. All must agree!

The Colts are simply too poerful to be beaten up 24-10.

Go steelers,Giants and Jets.

Can't believe it saints beat the eagles

go texans

o yeah

lets just hope matt doesnt get hurt again!

how do you say the jags will beat the cards????? i think the c boys will win, falcons will win, cmon they have the former rookie of the year, and turner is a monster. and why miami????? i mean really?????

Panthers,Fslcons did you see Jake Delhome last week. PITIFULL

New York over dallas no way

Carolina over Atlants? Get real! After how rough it's been for Jake Dehlome, he'll have to get the ball to Steve Smith quickly so Steve can get a good run with his speed and Jake can also get the ball to Deangelo Williams for a good play on the ground. He has to get that right if he wants to beat Matt Ryan, Micheal Turner, Tony Gonzalez, and the falcons. They got a tough club.

You really think the 49ers can keep it that close against the hawks? Get real. The 49ers have nobodys everywhere for their team. I mean, do they have a star receiver like TJ Houshmanzadeh? Do they have a star quarter =back like Matt Hasselbeck? I mean, don't get me wrong, Shaun Hill is pretty good but will you ever see him in anything big? NO!!!

I love all those pics accept denver and cleveland

i think the pats will have a much tougher time against the jets.

Plus, I pick atlanta over the panthers.... their offense is not explosive! did you see last weeks game?

also, Why dolphins over the colts. i would agree with you but, peyton man

other than those three, i agree

Dolphins over Indy? That's a pick thats really out there. If you get that right, you really are a wizard!

I do not want to offend, but the colts will easily shutout Miami!

my picks are TEN,PHI,ARI,OAK,GB,MIN,WAS,NE,ATL,TB,SF,BAL,PIT,DEN,DAL,IND those are my picks

I think the Cowboys will beat the Giants and Indy will destroy Miami.

very good pionted ! the Cowboys are the one ,the best and they sure will beat the Giants and of course Indy will destroy Miami!

email extractor

I think he has all of them pretty much right except for the jets, falcons, and buccaneers are all going to win. The offensive player of the week should be Adrian Peterson with them playing the lions.

i don't think the bucs are gonna win but youre pretty much spot on. also, you think the dolphins will win?

Falcons are not losing.My picks,ATL, MIN, GB, TEN, KC, NE, NO, WAS, ARZ, TB, SEA, PIT, BAL, DEN, NYG, and Indy on MNF.

i take atlanta over caroline
raiders beat cheifs
49ers beat seahawks
and colts win against phins on monday night
besides those i agree with u besides the scores

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