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Scooter Christensen

Scooter recaps the China PR trip

The China Trip was unbelievable.  In Beijing, you really could tell that it was a cultural place with all the Chinese buildings, and it had a lot of history to it has well.

One of the first events we did as a group was walked the THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!! This wall was 4000 plus miles long and we only walked the first leg of it. My goodness it was a great workout for you legs, but tiring at the same time. The sight from the Great Wall was beautiful. We were taking pictures and people were taking pictures of us…lol!!!

After we walked the Wall, we all went to go get something to eat at a familiar place that looked good in our eyes.....Mc DONALDS…lol!! Hi Rise ordered an apple pie and they gave him a Mc Puff.  The look on his face was priceless. I think he knew right then we were def. in China.

The people of China are so friendly and welcoming. They have so much respect for their country and take great pride in it. The next spot we went to was Hohhot. We got in late that evening and had an early event that next morning. They had a reality TV show of 16 players trying out to make the NBDL League and we were the guest. We did the Magic Circle, played with those 16 players, and had a great time showing them what the Globetrotters are all about. We showed that we can entertain the crowd with our tricks and we also are great basketball players, and I think they got the message.

We finished up in Shanghai, and as soon as you step foot in Shanghai it reminds you of New York. So Slick and General felt right at home. La novo put on an event for the Globetrotters and gave us and opportunity to show the kids and the families what we do as a team. They had Globetrotter signs up on the walls outside the building on the floor on the hoops etc.; they really showed us the love.  We got our message across, and they started to feel the Globetrotter magic. When we come back in November, I think they will be even more AMAZED!!!

Click here to check out our full photo gallery from the trip.

It was a good ten days, and I cant wait for the rest of my teammates to experience the love from China.

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