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On the Road in Brazil

Hey fans, this is Ant.  We are doing a tour in Brazil right now and having a blast.

The flight here was good; it took us about 7 hours to get here.  We left Miami airport at about 10:15 on the night of June 3rd, and we arrived in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil the next morning at about 7.  After a day off, we proceeded to play three sold out games in Rio.  One day was even a double header. The fans were crazy. The games were packed to the rafters. I really think that the fans appreciated us a lot.  We were able to put a ton of smiles on people faces and give them the time of their lives.

This is my second straight year straight coming to Brazil, and it was even better than the first.  The fans here really take us in and appreciate our show so much.  They were so thrilled that after every game they would rush the floor to get our autographs. I thought that was so cool – even though they weren’t being very orderly and it was almost dangerous – I thought it was cool to have fans grabbing, hugging, begging, and pleading for you to sign their autographs or give them your headband or wristband…they even asked for shoes and uniforms.


After Rio, we went to the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. Brasilia is a very beautiful place. Here we played a double header and sold out both games.  At halftime of one game, we met the U.S. ambassador, and he invited us to the embassy to have lunch the following day.  Lunch was so good at the embassy.  They really treated us with first class service.  It seemed like whatever we wanted, they had it, and if they didn’t have it, they would break their neck trying to get it for  We also performed our world renowned Magic Circle for them and signed some autographs.

That now takes us up to Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have had a few days off here and we don’t play until June 16, so until then, we are enjoying this mini-vacation until we take back to the court to thrill more fans and put a bunch of smiles on these people faces.  We are scheduled to return to the U.S. on Kune 23rd.

This is Ant signing off for now.  Keep us in your prayers, take care and God bless!!!!

For more information on our touring schedule please click here.



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