Hot Gadgets for a Cold January: CES Report 2012

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Hot Gadgets for a Cold January: CES Report 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swing in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you're into games, gadgets, and the latest in high-end technology, this is the place to be. So what's happening on the show floor? The Sports Gamer has all the information you need. Of all the trade shows that take place around the world each year, CES is easily the most overwhelming. That's because so many things here light and make noise and offer--in very real ways--to make my life easier (and if not easier, at least it'll be cooler--see the new OLED TV mentioned below).

The PlayStation Vita ($249.99-$299.99), which hits North America on February 22nd, is a big draw at this year's show. The games look great, the machine feels comfortable in my hands, and I can't wait to get one when it comes out. (I'll have a full report in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!) So what can I tell you that you don't already know about the Vita? The cartridges look like smaller, cooler versions of the Nintendo DS's wafer-thin cartridges. Cool factor: 8/10.

Forget the iPad--my new favorite tablet computer for gaming is the Project Fiona tablet (priced under $1,000, in stores by the end of the year). In addition to offering traditional touchscreen control just like the iPad does, the Fiona also has a pair of joystick controller handles installed on each side of the unit. Though it looks a little unwieldy, and it could prove to be embarrassing to use on airplanes, the tablet runs on Windows 8 and is powered by…well, who cares, really? Short answer: this thing will play top of the line PC games. Cool factor: 7/10.

Now, let's talk about TV's, specifically OLED TV's. In case you're not a science wizard, OLED stands for, "organic light-emitting diode." LG Electronics showed off a super skinny 55-inch OLED TV that is--brace yourself--just 4 mm's thick and weighs less than your baby brother (a mere 16 and a half pounds). As if that's not enough, it can also handle 3D. In a word: sweet. Cool factor: 9/10.

Finally, kids, it's time for us to finally have our discussion about Sphero, a friendly little robotic ball that iPhone and Android device owners can control. You "drive" Sphero around simply by manipulating a virtual joystick on your device's screen. It's simple to use, and a lot more fun than you think it might be (trust me on this one). Also, Sphero may seem deceptively simple at first glance, but some brainiac will no doubt figure out a way to turn "Sphero Ball" (that's my work-in-progress name for it) into a legitimate league sport. Cool factor: 8/10.

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