Madden NFL 12 Arrives in the SI Kids Offices, Productivity Drops 88-Percent

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Scott Jones

Madden NFL 12 Arrives in the SI Kids Offices, Productivity Drops 88-Percent

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August 29, 2011

When you review video games for a living, as the Sports Gamer does, you typically have two kinds of days: You have good days, and you have great days. But every once in a great while, you have downright awesome days. 

This week, I experienced one of those downright awesome days.

Wednesday morning I tore open a Fed Ex envelope and, boom, I discovered a shiny, shrink-wrapped copy of Madden NFL 12. (Don't believe me? Check the pick of my desk to the right...) The game isn't in stores until August 30th. But me? I'll be playing it all weekend long.

I'll be experiencing those 100-plus improvements that EA Sports has supposedly made. I'll get to test drive first-hand the new point-of-impact collision system, which supposedly allows you to guide your player all the way through a tackle. I'll get to see why everyone is making such a fuss over Dynamic Player Performance. And finally, I'll get the chance to build a game plan that will make Bill Belichick green with envy thanks to the all new custom playbooks.

Yes, some days it's good to be the Sports Gamer. 

Oh, heck, who am I kidding? I review video games for a living. Every day is a good day for the Sports Gamer.

I'll have more Madden NFL 12 impressions for you next week. Stay tuned.

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