Jordan is Back in NBA 2K12 and This Time, He’s Brought (Hall of Fame) Friends

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Scott Jones

Jordan is Back in NBA 2K12 and This Time, He’s Brought (Hall of Fame) Friends

The SI Kids offices have been buzzing for months now over two burning questions. One: Why does Professor Ulane where those goofy glasses in his photo? Two: What will 2K do for an encore after last year's terrific NBA 2K11 starring His Airness, Michael Jordan?

The answer we've all been waiting for: They're bringing back Jordan, and this time, he's not alone. Keep reading to see full size cover images of who’s joining Jordan this year.

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird will not only play roles in 2K12, they'll also get their own super cool box covers. The Jordan cover is the default cover for the game; the Johnson and Bird covers will be available in limited supply. All three covers--which make the guys look like they are soaring through the air while being propelled by a combination of explosive fire and dry ice--have been designed by the incredibly talented sports artist, Adam Larson. 

These three players absolutely defined the NBA for more than 20 years. The Celtics-Lakers rivalry of the '80s during which Bird and Johnson went toe to toe provided fans with some of the finest back-and-forth b-ball action the world has ever known. And Jordan's dominance of the game in the '90s was virtually unprecedented in any sport. All together, the three men earned 15 NBA titles in 19 years. 

In the words of poet Darth Vader: "Most impressive."

Will the Jordan Challenge be back in this year's version? Will Bird and Johnson have their own challenge modes? 2K, so far, is remaining tight-lipped. What we do know is this: If you pre-order the game, you'll receive codes to download a pair of classic teams: the '90-91 Golden State Warriors and the '00-01 Sacramento Kings. NBA Factoid: Those Warriors and Kings teams both lost to the Lakers in the Western Conference semis.

So could this mean that Magic will have his own Challenge mode? Our investigation continues. Stay tuned to the blogs, people. In the meantime, check out the awesome three covers below.

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a slamma jamma


great covers every single one of them

wicked cheese hangglide

there is no such thing as a cheese hangglide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet covers! I can't wait for the game to come out!

i can't wait!!!!!!!! next year they should bring back all of the retired star players.

OMG nobody can never put such much people lik 100,000 on the team and i know it so now if u kow it 2 just comment on mi saying ok and if ya need me contact me on

~ Thank u

they can't put 1,000 people on NBA2K13

i love basketball alot and just by reading this i can't wait for it.

that game looks cool

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