The Top Five Best of CES 2011

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Scott Jones

The Top Five Best of CES 2011

Sure, Santa just blew through town a few weeks back but I know for a fact that you're going to start wanting to get on his good side again for the next 11-and-a-half months. How can I know this already? Because I got the scoop from the games- and gadget-packed Consumer Electronics Show. Here's the best stuff the Sports Gamer found on the show floor in Las Vegas in early January.

5. Sixsense Control Sticks (Razer)
When I first saw these sticks about a year ago, they seemed like nothing more than adequate Wii remote replacements. But they've come a long way since then. Without any cameras or infra-red sensor bars to read your movements--they rely on an electromagnetic orb--the Sixsense will change the way you think about video game controllers in 2011.
4. Glasses-free 3D (Toshiba 52-inch 4K)
Obviously, everyone was talking about 3D at CES this year. But a handful of companies are already figuring out workarounds for those pesky futuristic eyeglasses most 3D sets require you to wear, including Toshiba. The technology is there, of course. Whether or not we see the 4K in stores before the end of the year remains to be seen. Fingers crossed!
3. Light-up Cereal Boxes (Fulton Innovation)
Just when you think shopping for breakfast cereal can't possibly get any more pleasurable than it already is, boom, along comes a company who is developing a way to make your cereal boxes glow. You read that right. Now, this isn't technically a gadget, or anything especially useful. But you can't argue with the fact that it's incredibly cool. It seems that shopping for almost anything--broccoli, toothpaste, underwear, etc.--is going to become a heck of a lot more "electric" in the coming years.
2. Admiral Touch Headphones (Nox)
I know. Another set of headphones. Big whoop, right? Well, you actually will say the words "big whoop" when you try these. They offer 7.1 virtual surround sound, noise-canceling capabilities, and best of all, they easily connect to your audio devices, your phone, and your gaming systems. Trust me: You're going to want these.
1. Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)
Put on your seat belts, boys and girls, because you're going to hear a lot about the 3DS in the coming months from the Sports Gamer. Naturally, Nintendo was on hand with their nifty little device and it's just as shiny and sparkly and crave-able--I want mine now, Nintendo, and by now I mean NOW--as it was at E3 2010. I'll be getting my hands-on with the 3D-capable, no-glasses-needed machine in the coming weeks. So stay tuned to the blogs for further impressions.
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LIGHT UP CEREAL BOXES!!!!! about time it is 2011 we were supposed to have time machines by now! but the other stuff looks cool two the 3ds jas to STINK! ds stinks period.

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