Best Gaming Moments of 2010

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Scott Jones

Best Gaming Moments of 2010

Video games, when you really break them down, are just a series of moments. Most of the time, games are fun--duh, that's why we play them, right? But every now and then, something truly special takes place while you're playing a game. Something will happen--a moment--that you'll think about long after you power off your gaming console for the night. 

Here are my top 10 must-experience gaming moments of 2010:

10. Riding Yoshi for the first time (Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii).

9. Driving around your own self-created--and super cool--track (ModNation Racers, PlayStation 3).

8. Standing in front of your TV and realizing that the Kinect "sees" you (Kinect, Xbox 360).

7. Running for your life down Tackle Alley (Backbreaker, 360/PS3).

6. Steering around a landing, burning cargo plane while driving 200 miles per hour (Split/Second, 360/PS3).

5. Triggering a Shield power-up at the exact moment that an opponent peppers you with a Bolt power-up, negating any damage it would do (Blur, 360/PS3).

4. Eating 20 ghosts at once (Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, 360/PS3).

3. Bringing color to a black-and-white world by pulling off tricks on your skateboard (Shaun White Skateboarding, 360/PS3/Wii).

2. Deploying spike strips then watching a pursuing police car drive over them--and blow out its tires--in your rearview mirror (Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, 360/PS3).

1. Shaking the Wii remote up and down to make Donkey Kong pound furiously on the ground, dizzying any nearby enemies (Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii).

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might be getting a psp TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i get it!!!

you are right my friend

Dude I already have 5

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