Galactic Taz Ball

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Malik Pitchford

Galactic Taz Ball

  • Gamer Gang
  • Malik Pitchford
  • November 11, 2010 3:50pm
DS, Nintendo
Release Date:
August 10, 2010

The story behind this game is that one day Taz is asleep, and as he sleeps Marvin and all of his robots come to invade the earth. Soon Taz wakes up and he sees that that there are obstacle courses. He is tempted by this so he runs to it. So this is where the game begins.

Galactic Taz Ball is about rolling your character (which is Taz) in all directions and smashing all of Marvin the Martian’s robots. In order to play the game you need a stylus because without it you won’t be able to move Taz around on the playing field. You have to roll the ball on the touch screen to make him move. The more you move him around the more the meter fills up. When the meter fills up Taz turns into a tornado and knocks down all the robots.

I love the graphics! The game looks as if it is in 3-D. The graphics really pop out and catch your attention. I also like that if you fall off a cliff, you don’t have to re-start back from the beginning. The game gives the option of starting back where you left off. I also like that if you keep drowning or falling off of cliffs, the game gives you a option to skip to the next checkpoint.

I don’t like the sound Taz makes when falling off the cliff. It is a mix between a scream and a screech. I also don’t like the mud puddles in the middle of the field where Taz is trying to run because they can slow Taz down. The one thing that I would change in this game is not having to use the stylus for all movements of Taz. Using more buttons would make the game have a better feel to it. The game is one player and you don’t have that many freedoms in the game, like you cannot choose the background and you cannot choose the option of 2 player play.

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game looks pricey and terrible. i agree with you.


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