EA's NHL Slapshot

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Nick Bougades

EA's NHL Slapshot

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  • Nick Bougades
  • October 18, 2010 6:43pm
Wii, Nintendo
Release Date:
September 6, 2010

There are a lot of great hockey games out there this year, but in how many can you play with a real hockey stick? This is only one of the many great things about the new NHL Slapshot!

NHL Slapshot, like most hockey games, has a quick play mode, a season mode, etc. But again, you get to attach the hockey stick that comes with the game to your Wiimote, so you're actually flicking up for a wrist shot, winding up for a slapper, deking, and much more!

Another great thing is that if you’re not exactly an all-star yet, the difficulty level literally changes the game! If you choose Peewee or Bantam you will play 4-on-4 pond hockey as an NHL team. So you can play as “Sid the Kid” as a kid! Then there is Junior (CHL) where it is 5-on-5, but it is easier playing as a team in the Canadian Hockey League. Finally there is pro (AHL/NHL) where it is still 5-on-5, but you play as a minor league American Hockey League Team (which is a bit easier) or an NHL team (pro teams).

Another mode is Season Mode. You play a full season as an AHL or NHL team, but there is also features like that of NHL 2K11 where you are the manager and you can sign and release players, trade, and more. Also there was the Stanley Cup Final mode where you play a best-of-seven series with the teams of your choice for the Stanley Cup! In addition, there are a bunch of mini-games like 2-on-2, Classic Shootout, Shooter vs. Goalie, and Free 4 All. What’s so great about these is that you can put on the number 99 and play as “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky himself!

All of these game modes are great, but my favorite has to be Peewee to Pro Mode. This story mode is simply awesome! You can either create a player or use a current NHL player. You start off as a peewee player on a team that you create. Then you stay on that team for the bantam season. Then, for your junior season, you can enter the draft or hold out and choose your CHL team. You can do the same for your pro season in the AHL and NHL. Every year your coach will lay out statistical goals for you, most of them you need to fulfill to stay on the team. Wayne Gretzky will also follow you throughout your career, occasionally giving you tips before games.

All of these modes are amazing, but for beginners I highly recommend before starting any of them to try out the training mode to get the feel of the game first. Then, go out there and rule the ice! Overall, this game was excellent! I absolutely loved it! Anyone who likes hockey should definitely go out and get NHL Slapshot!

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