NCAA Football 11

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Erik Willis

NCAA Football 11

Microsoft, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Sony
Release Date:
July 12, 2010

NCAA Football 11 is the latest and, if I must say, the greatest installment in this long-running series. There is not a single aspect of this game that is surpassed by the versions that came before it. First, the Dynasty Mode is much improved. It is divided into three parts: Off-season, the season itself, and after season. During the off-season, you can recruit new talent, convince players to come back, and much more. Now, the actual season is much like all others: You play the games and try to come out of it with a run at the national title. This also holds true for after the season, when you sign new coaches. Although these modes are similar to those in previous games, they are much more in-depth, which ultimately makes the game more fun.

The greatest thing about NCAA 11 is the vastly improved “Road To Glory” mode. You begin by creating a player. Instead going through drills, he participates in his high school’s playoff games. How well he plays in these games determines which college wants him. After signing with a school, he does the usual campus life activities, but come game time, it is a whole new ball game.

NCAA 11 also has a “super sim” option that allows you to go directly to plays in which you are involved. This option makes the game go by faster and brings the action up to speed. The enhanced graphics make for great crowd animations and running, tackling, and passing almost feels real. Lastly, the playbooks have been improved. The receivers are capable of making good catches and the stepped-up running game makes for a great overall college football experience. I hope EA Sports sticks with this formula when creating future NCAA games.

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ncaaa football 11 is awesome

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I love ncaa fotball 11

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