REVIEW: Need For Speed Nitro

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Erik Willis

REVIEW: Need For Speed Nitro

Wii, Nintendo
Release Date:
November 2, 2009

Need For Speed Nitro is a fun experience and one of the better racing games the Wii has seen in its short history. When starting a “career,” a player begins in the Bronze Cup, then advances to Silver, then Gold. Each cup consists of a racing area and upon completion of each race, one gains an amount of stars depending upon his or her performance. That allows a player to gain entrance to other races and areas.

Surprisingly, NFSN has a good car list for a Wii racing game. There are a total of 32 cars, spanning from an old beaten down Volkswagen Type 2 to the eloquent Pagani Zonda. Another great aspect of the game is the arcade mode, which consists of four different race types: circuit, elimination, team, and drag race. Each race can be customized to a specific amount of racers, laps, and difficulty. Lastly, the showroom is where cars purchased from a player’s “career” can be customized and tricked out to your heart’s content. The game

offers over 100 graphics, plus tons of colors. It is also fun to watch as your car spray-paints the sides of the raceway with a choice of pictures called “tags” as it speeds along the course! Overall, Need For Speed Nitro is a great racing game. I would recommend it to any hardcore Wii racer.

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