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Scott Jones

MX vs. ATV Alive: Who's Ready for Some Off-Roading?

Last year--formerly known as 2010--will go down in history as one of the best year's for racing games the world has ever known. (See: Blur, Split/Second, Gran Turismo 5, etc. etc.) But with games like MotorStorm Apocalypse, and now MX Vs. ATV: Alive, about to hit stores, 2011 seems to be on track to be even better than last year.

Here's everything you need to know about MX Vs. ATV: Alive, which is due out in May this year.

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Nick Bougades

Review: Little Big Planet 2

  • Gamer Gang
  • Nick Bougades
  • February 11, 2011 4:46pm
PS3, Sony
Release Date:
January 18, 2011

Are you ready for part two?  Well, Sackboy is and he’s just waiting for your commands. If you thought the original Little Big Planet was good, just wait until you experience this awesome adventure of a sequel!  As much of this game resembles the original, there is much more this time.  As expected there are new costumes and outfits to customize your sackboy with.  There are new trophies and prizes to unlock as well as mind-bending new moves! 

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Scott Jones

First Look: The PSP 2, a.k.a. the NGP

For months now the Internet has been buzzing with speculation as to what Sony's follow up to the original PlayStation Portable (the PSP Go doesn't count, as it was more of a redesign than a formal sequel) would look like and just how powerful it would be. Late last month, Sony enlightened us by officially announcing the PSP 2, which is currently known as the NGP (Next Generation Portable), a name that will no doubt change a few times before the handheld ultimately shows up in your neighborhood game store. Keep reading for a preview and full sized pictures of the new device.

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Scott Jones

Steelers Win Super Bowl! (Well, According to Madden NFL 11 Anyway)

Pittsburgh fans: rejoice. According to the most sophisticated sports video game on the planet, the Terrible Towels will be spinning early and often in Super Bow XLV this coming Sunday.

According to a simulation of the big game played out on Madden NFL 11, the final score will be Steelers 24, Packers 20.

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