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Erik Willis


Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Others
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May 25, 2010

Blur is one of the most unique and exhilarating racing games I have ever played.  First , the Heads Up display is a very smart feature, as it lists the Power-ups a driver has on the bumper of  his car. That allows the driver  to keep his attention on the car, which makes driving an easier experience.   Also, instead of  information being spread all over, everything is simply listed in the top corners of  the  screen, which provides the driver with a better field of vision, and, ultimately,  keeps the race flowing faster.  The Power-ups are the guts of  the game, making it fast paced,  interesting, and fun. There are eight total Power-ups:  shock, shunt, barge, mine, bolt, nitro, shield, and repair. Each one provides the player with a certain advantage over the competition,  whether it be firing  a bolt at a competitor’s car or using a repair kit after hitting a mine.  The Power-ups definitely make the game much more interesting. They will keep you on your toes,  even if you are leading the pack...

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Scott Jones

The Net's Best Free Football Sim Gets the NFL License!

If you're not playing QUICKHIT Football yet, trust me, you will be soon.

QUICKHIT currently offers the best free game of football you've ever played. And, starting this Fall, just in time for the 2010 NFL season, QUICKHIT will also offer the only other NFL-licensed football sim besides Madden.

Somebody cue up that "Who Let The Dogs Out" song.

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