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Scott Jones

NHL '12: Another Year, Another (Mostly) Terrific Game

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September 12, 2011

EA Sports--particularly their Vancouver-based development team--always seems to make it look easy. While EA Tiburon--makers of Madden--sweat and labor and work their fingers to the bone to make each successive Madden better than the last Madden, EA Vancouver and their hockey sims always seem to arrive silently and elegantly, like a puck quietly sliding into a net. Year in and year out, these guys deliver an excellent approximation of the sport of professional hockey. And this year is no different.

So what's new? And do you need to buy this year's NHL if you already own last year's? Let's take a closer look.

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Scott Jones

Must-See Video of the Day: The Latest NBA 2K12 Trailer

The best sports game in the universe--of course I'm referring to NBA 2K11--is in grave danger of losing its crown. Which game, you might ask, has the sand to take that crown? 

The answer: NBA 2K12.

The game isn't due in stores until the first week in October, but already the Sports Gamer office is abuzz with excitement over what 2K Sports is promising this year in 2K12. Instead of shifting the franchise into cruise control and taking a well-deserved victory lap around the game industry, the development team seems to be working double-time over there, making sure that they maintain their full-court press on the competition. Keep reading to see a trailer for the game, including all of its cool new features!

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