The Cages

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Nick Bougades

The Cages

Wii, Nintendo
Release Date:
July 6, 2010

The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice is a great, unique game. Instead of a regular baseball game, where there are just straight exhibitions, this game focuses on the fundamentals of hitting.  It's also compatible with Wii Motion Plus, which means no more delayed swings...

What jumped out at me was the fact that as soon as you start the game, it automatically brings you into a tutorial mode.  There are numerous training lessons.  They start easy, like hitting a stationary ball, and then progress into harder lessons, like hitting to a designated spot. 

After training, you can have a multiplayer battle, just bat freely, or play panel-style baseball.  Panel Baseball is similar to Toy Field in Mario Super Sluggers. There are panels scattered throughout the field labeled OUT, SINGLE, DOUBLE, and TRIPLE. You try to score as many runs as you can before hitting three OUT panels. Another cool feature of this game, especially for the health conscious, is that you are able to track the number of calories burned before starting new modes. 

I found this game to be truly awesome!

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