Funny Photo Voting

Funny Photo Voting

Posted: September 20, 2013, 7:33 PM ; Updated: September 20, 2013, 9:07 PM

Check out this month’s top 10 captions and vote on your favorite…

Hey, there’s cereal in here!
—David, Michigan

Whoa! That was one powerful sneeze!
—Katy, Ohio

Nope, guys it is definitely not chocolate.
—Ludwig, Texas

I just knew that second baseman was tying my shoelaces together!
—Jack, Maryland

Hey you said this was a Slip ‘n’ Slide.
—Jonah, Louisiana

The Royal face plant, your majesty.
—Ethan, New Jersey

Toothpaste is so last year. I use dirt.
—Allison, New York

This certainly isn't very royal.
Varun, California

When they dared me to belly-flop, I thought it would be in a pool!
—Cal, Minnesota

This looks like a royal pain.
Shae, Kansas

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Yo, vote for Jack from Maryland!

I didnt no how to put me helmet on. 

that has to hurt

love the lol on si kids.

What a face plant

What a face plant

Dude, vote for Jack from Maryland. His is funny!


Slip'n Slide baby

LOL. It's his pre game warm up! :)
Miles oklahoma age:9

mmmmmmmm this delish what is it man that's dirt ahhhhhhhhhhhh im scared of dirt it will eat me someone help nooooooooo I will die save me man its not a monster lol wwwwawawa are you crying yeah why it not a monster im scared of yummy stuff that's not a monster your weird nooooooo im not how weirdo its gross now and not cute because its cute

smells better than my landry

Guessing your laundry is better than mine : /


lol this ground is very delish ew this so delish

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