Funny Photo Voting

Funny Photo Voting

Posted: June 12, 2013, 10:26 AM ; Updated: June 12, 2013, 10:57 AM

Check out this week’s top 10 captions and vote on your favorite…

You know I like grape.
Meir, Maryland

Thanks, but I think I'll shower later.
—Madeleine, Arkansas

I know people like doing the wave, but this is ridiculous!
—Colin, Pennsylvania

See, told you I can breathe underwater.
—Joseph, Minnesota

This is a ballpark, not a waterpark.
—Brady, Wisconsin

Good thing I ducked. I found 25 cents!
—Zack, New York

I should be on the Dodgers!
—Mason, Georgia

I told you I could surf!
Lauryn, North Carolina

More like Gator-late.
—Shan, Ontario

I picked a good time to practice fielding grounders!
—Jake, North Carolina

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What is this crap?!?!?!

MISSED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I said soda not juice!

I know it's hard to vote, but they should name avoiding a dump of the water a serious milestone

Man, how do kids go in that contest.

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