Funny Photo Voting

Funny Photo Voting

Posted: February 21, 2013, 1:57 PM ; Updated: February 21, 2013, 2:05 PM

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This is like the opposite of “Where’s Waldo.”
—Jack, New Jersey

Any of you handsome guys want to substitute for me? Here is my mouth guard.
—Sarah, New Jersey

What an a-PAUL-ing sight!
Ryland, Virginia

More like CP300.
—Cole, Michigan

Is it me, or does the crowd look especially good tonight?
—Zach, Nebraska

I think I pushed too many buttons on my clone machine.
Camile, Virginia

Hmm, where have I seen you before?
—Sam, Iowa

They're du-PAUL-cates!
—Luke, North Carolina

If that's me, then I've got to shave!
—Ethan, Maryland

I thought I was one of a kind.
Mikey, Ohio

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Its steve Erkle

i bet he is weirded out! how creepy yo!

hey you kids

Hey, it's Cliff Paul, my twin brother!

Do you know that Blake Griffen is my bother!!!!!

hey,you look familiar...

Why do people have mirrors looking at me with a drawn mustachio. Is this a suprise late birthday party

HI Cliff Paul

You know, I would look good in a mustache.

is that my twin

check me out i look fresh wit those glasses

Wow! You look handsome today! Do I look that good?


Wow! You look handsome today! Do I look that good?

Yes! I wish I looked that good.

Wow, where did all these good looking people come from?

Wow I'm in Chris Paul hevan!

Dad, is that you?

Two comments Paul how many brothers do you have or are they you?

And Wheres Waldo should be called Wheres Paul

Where's Paulo

Wow I have twins???

I think i'm seeing double. No, more like double double double double.

Hey I thought I only had one brother


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