Funny Photo Voting

Funny Photo Voting

Posted: January 8, 2013, 11:46 AM ; Updated: January 8, 2013, 12:00 PM

Check out this week’s top 10 captions and vote on your favorite…

They call me the Tee-rex, but don’t you dare hit a golf ball off of me!
—Michael, Illinois

Talk about Tiger Woods, this is Tyrannosaurus REX!
—Sam, New York

On a sunny afternoon, unsuspecting golfers learn that the Mayan's were right!
—Amelia, Wisconsin

Hole in one! Dino-mite!
Myyah, Ohio

Do any of you know where I can find the Toronto Raptors?
—Sam, Ohio

'Scuse me, pardon me, ‘scuse me, pardon me.
—Ben, New York

You think this is an egg?
—Joshua, Massachusetts

This is one serious game of mini golf.
—Scott, Quebec

Everyone loves to watch golf; no matter how young or old you are.
—Sarah, Missouri

... And thus the first game of golf.
—Joel, Louisiana

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Ok, that is funny. Tiger Woods, with a t-rex in the back round. And I thought that some dude getting owned by his dog was funny. (Tip: To find this video type dude gets owned by dog. Dude torments his dog with a laser pointer, points at wrong spot, dog jumps on his wrong spot, Im just gonna stop talking now...) :)

I thought they were extinct

The t-rex? They are.

Where is my time Machine?

Hey, Bob, I thought you said dinos didn't live near the gulf. :P

Nobody move a muscle

Uuuugggg golf

People are pretty good at mini golf these days

People say I take up their space but now their taking up my space. :-)

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