Funny Photo Voting

Funny Photo Voting

Posted: November 27, 2012, 11:33 AM ; Updated: November 27, 2012, 11:43 AM

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Geico: Saving Blue Jays 15% or more on wall insurance.
—Noah, Maryland

I'm Superman!/I'm Spider-man!
—Tommy, Ontario

Wipeout: Baseball Edition
—Tanner, Pennsylvania

Guess what my favorite letter is? Here's a hint: I’m hugging it.
—Adam, Ohio

Bungee jumping would have been more fun.
Kaytlin, Missouri

Dude, let's knock this wall over!
—Will, California

I told you that these magnets would work!
—Daniel, New York

New uses for velcro are showing up all the time.
—Eric, Wisconsin

Maybe the magic door won't open after all!
—A.J., Ohio

We are not the Rams, I guess.
—Max, Vermont

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You can save 15% more on wall insurance

I thought, "Im trying to catch the ball with my glove, so he must be trying to catch the wall with his face!". And, MAN, that was a big misunderstanding.

My first flying lesson and they put a wall in front of me, just because I'm a professional athlete dosen't mean I'm that good.

Smurfs! Quick before the portal closes!

I see buses I see cars now all we see is lots of stars.

Don't worry Johnny! We'll get you out!

the wall tastes good

my abilities to jump through walls failed me again:(

Wow, that is some pretty bad wipe out. Guess you should've went to Geico...

i wish i had enough time to add a caption

Hurry Dude! The cops are right behind us!

I guess we cant run through walls like hulk.

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