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Duane Munn

Move Over Wendell Scott... 11

Courtesy of NASCAR

You guys should know the drill by now: every now and again, I use the space afforded to me at to point out some of the finest young sports talent in the country (And for those of you that don't know... check here. And here).

This week, I'd like to show some love to a youngster on the NASCAR circuit.

"Why NASCAR, Duane From NJ" (I can hear you!)? Well, because Sergio Pena -- in addition to the fact that he's arguably the finest driver yet to roll out of NASCAR's Drive for Diversity program (an initiative designed to increase the number of qualified minorities driving and working inside NASCAR) -- has managed to make a name for himself in racing circles at an age when he should be busy finishing his homework.

The 16-year-old debuted in NASCAR's K&N Pro Series, the top developmental series in the land, late last month, finishing second at the Toyota All-Star Showdown and giving 19-year-old phenom (and TAS Showdown winner) Joey Logano all he could handle in the process. Had he won, Pena  would've become the youngest driver ever to finish first at the Toyota All-Star Showdown, smashing Logano's current record by a full year.

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Duane Munn

Nike Presents the Human Chain 39

Courtesy of Nike

Just in case there wasn't already enough coolness streaming across television screens this weekend (NBA All-Star Weekend, 2010 Winter Olympics), Nike has decided to make all of our viewing choices even more complicated with a new commercial. It's not supposed to air until tonight... but this is the internet age! Who waits to see commercials on TV nowadays?

This one's called Human Chain, and is meant to showcase the determination and drive that can be found in all great athletes, regardless of sport.

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Sarah Braunstein

This Weekend's Must-See Sports (October 16-18) 30

  • Extras
  • Posted by: Sarah Braunstein
  • October 16, 2009, 4:22 PM

If you find yourself stuck inside this weekend, these are the games you should be tuning into...

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Duane Munn

The Sports Rack

  • GearHead
  • Posted by: Duane Munn
  • May 13, 2009, 3:53 PM

Courtesy of Perfect Curve

If your room looks like mine’s did back when I had to turn in homework, this GearHead feature’s for you. See that? It’s called the Sports Rack, and it’s sure to make your room at least a little bit neater...

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Duane Munn

Sports Quotes of the Week

Icon SMI

Here are the best sports quotes of the week; check 'em out! Oh, and don't forget to send me quotes for next week's post!

"Things have changed since I won a race ... That's the first time I've ever carried a checkered flag in NASCAR. I used to do that in quarter-midgets when I was 8."
-Jeff Gordon after his win at the Samsung 500 on Sunday snapped a 47-race winless streak in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

"Growing up I never thought about the Hall of Fame. All I wanted was a chance to go to college."
-Michael Jordan, in response to being elected into the basketball Hall of Fame

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  • Extras
  • Posted by: Jennifer Altavilla
  • March 23, 2009, 1:19 PM

Icon SMI

With three Top-10 finishes in his first four races of the season, including a fifth place finish in the Kobalt Tools 500 last Sunday, NASCAR driver Brian Vickers is enjoying life in the fast lane.  SI Kids chatted with Vickers about what it takes to win a race, his goals for the season, and how he keeps his fans happy.


You already have three top tens this season, so you’re setting yourself a pretty fast pace.  What do you think your chances are for making the Sprint Cup [the “postseason” of racing] this year?


Well I think we’re definitely capable of it and I think it’s very possible.  You know in this sport you never know until you’re there.  There are so many things that are out of your control.  But I think we’ve established ourselves and I think this team is capable of it.

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Scott Jones

Review: NASCAR Kart Racing

  • Sports Gamer
  • Posted by: Scott Jones
  • March 4, 2008, 12:11 AM

Around the old Sports Gamer offices, we love ourselves some Mario Kart Wii. Driving across Moo Moo Meadows in a rocket-propelled baby stroller while launching turtle shells in all directions is an experience every self-respecting gamer must have.

So what if you took the whimsy of Mario Kart, and replaced Luigi, Peach, and Mario with Jimmy Johnson, Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart? And instead of rocket-propelled baby strollers, you had tiny versions of NASCAR cars as go-karts?

Voila: a Wii racing game franchise is born.
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