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AFC and NFC Championship Games, OYOed!

2013 afc championship nfc championship oyo

With all the build up to Super Bowl XLVIII happening the last couple of weeks, you might need a refresher in how the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks got here. So with our friends at OYO Sportstoys and The Four Monkeys animation, Sports Illustrated Kids presents the top plays of the AFC and NFC Championship games recreated in dynamic OYO form!
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Grace Ybarra

Super Bowl XLVIII Week Day 3: Journalism Tips from Gridiron Legends

mike ditka super bowl xlviiiI started off my third day in New York at the Sheraton in Times Square. The hotel served as the media hub for the Super Bowl, and this morning it hosted an event featuring ESPN analysts Tedy Bruschi, Cris Carter, and Mike Ditka.

I began by talking with former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi. He taught me a very important lesson about why NOT to try to spell difficult words on camera — it very well could end up all over the news. He told me at one Media Day, a kid like me asked him to spell Massachusetts. He quickly declined, knowing the penalty if he messed up. But one of his teammates tried and failed, and it ended up all over the news.

Next, I spoke to Coach Mike Ditka. He gave me some tips about journalism. One of the most important things he told me to not be afraid to ask anything. He said that there were no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
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Inside the World of NFL Officiating

children's museum of manhattan you make the call

When it comes to football, we tend to look up to superstar players and dynamic coaches. But what about those other people on the field, the officials? Who ever says they want to be a linesman when they grow up? Or that they want to crush an instant replay review? Unless there’s a bad call, we rarely pay that much attention to the zebra crews.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan wants to change that.

With Super Bowl XLVIII in town, the museum is hosting the exhibition You Make the Call: Lean to be an NFL Official at its Upper West Side location. The exhibit opened earlier this month and gives kids and families a view into what it takes — physically, mentally, and creatively — to be an NFL official.
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Logan Schayes

Mark Eaton: The REALLY Big Man!

What are the odds? How can someone who only got three minutes of playing time during his high school career, and only 47 minutes of playing time at a major college program, become an NBA All-Star?


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Logan Glick

Think Ahead About Your Head

Since I was four years old I have been playing hockey. I started my travel career when I was a Squirt (8-10 years old). Now I am 12 and playing at the Peewee level (10-12 years old). Next year I enter the Bantams (13-15 years old), which means it will be the first year that I am allowed to check. USA Hockey rules allow different types of checking in the Bantams, from a body check to checking against the boards. More »

Grace Ybarra

From the Interview Floor on Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

super bowl xlviii media day pete carroll seattle seahawks

Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day was held in Newark, New Jersey, yesterday at the Prudential Center, the home of the New Jersey Devils. There, media from all around the world flocked to talk to the two teams competing in the Super Bowl.

Players from the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were mobbed by writers, reporters, cameras, and microphones during two one-hour interview sessions. But they weren’t the only people getting attention. Media Day is known for having media act and even dress crazily. From superheroes to someone dressed up as Waldo hiding in the crowds, Media Day has it all — even celebrities working as special correspondents.

Some people are serious about Media Day, while others take the opportunity to goof off and be a little more playful. But everyone was having some fun. And with all of the craziness, Media Day is nothing less than interesting.

Check out our video report from the interview floor to get a closer look at the Media Day experience:
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Grace Ybarra

Super Bowl XLVIII Week Day 2: Media Day

super bowl xlviii media day kid reporter grace ybarraToday, I was fortunate enough to attend Media Day and get to experience the craziness for a second time. Two years ago, Super Bowl XLVI was played in my hometown, Indianapolis, and I was able to cover Media Day for another publication.

But this time was different. Super Bowl XLVI was played in Lucas Oil Stadium, which is an indoor arena, so that’s where Media Day was held. This year, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played outdoors at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The temperature today was a frigid 19 degrees, so Media Day couldn’t happen where the game will be played. So it was moved to the Prudential Center, home of the New Jersey Devils, in Newark, New Jersey, nearly 11 miles away.
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