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Julia Maddock

A Sport or Not a Sport?

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Julia Maddock
  • March 31, 2011, 11:43 AM

Is it a sport or not? This debate was brought to mind when one of my fellow reporters here at SI Kids, Adam Apsan, interviewed a runner at the New York Marathon. More »

Gary Gramling

The Best Song About Ichiro You'll Ever Hear!

There are some things in life that we can all agree on. One is that today is Opening Day, and we're all excited. And another is that Ichiro is awesome. He can hit, he can run, he catches everything, and he has a cannon for an arm. And according to this song, he's going to try his hand at being an astronaut (keep reading to give it a listen!)...

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Paul Ulane

10 Questions With...Eric Berry

  • 10 Questions
  • Posted by: Paul Ulane
  • March 30, 2011, 3:08 PM

Eric Berry didn't waste any time making an impression on the NFL. In his rookie season, the safety made the Pro Bowl by helping the Kansas City Chiefs make the playoffs for the first time since 2006. In the off-season, Berry has teamed up with Adidas to help promote the adiZero 5-Star cleat, the lightest cleat ever created (it's only 6.9 ounces!).  The 5-Star cleat is out this Friday, April 1, but 10 Questions is ready now. Keep reading to see how Berry handled our questions!

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Paul Ulane

Kevin Love Q&A

  • Hoophead
  • Posted by: Paul Ulane
  • March 25, 2011, 3:07 PM

We didn’t have enough room to post our entire chat with Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love in the April issue, but you can read the rest right here. Click the “More” button to see Love’s extended thoughts on his first All-Star weekend, playing one-on-one against his NBA dad and how he maintained his double-double streak for so long.

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Will Kubzansky

The 2011 MLB Offseason Awards

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Will Kubzansky
  • March 25, 2011, 11:16 AM

Baseball’s offseason was star-studded. Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Pena, Cliff Lee, Manny Ramirez, Zack Greinke and more were up for grabs, and all of them changed teams either in free agency or trades.

These are the four teams I think made out the best... More »

Paul Ulane

8-Year Old QB Phenom

I can barely throw a perfect spiral, so you can imagine how impressed I was when I saw a video of someone throwing a perfect spiral into a basketball hoop from center court. Then I found out he was only eight years old! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

But it’s all true. The kid’s name is Daron Bryden and if you don’t believe me, check out the video right here.

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Yoni Monat

Baseball Needs More Balance

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Yoni Monat
  • March 23, 2011, 1:14 PM

The New York Yankees have been accused of buying the 2009 World Series. You may be wondering why a similar payroll didn’t buy the 2010 World Series.

Baseball consists of two major elements: skill and luck. However, while skill can be bought, no one has control over luck. Based on wins and club payroll, analysts have concluded that an additional $7 million of payroll was worth one additional win.

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