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Harrison Clark

The Smartest Athletes in Sports

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Harrison Clark
  • January 24, 2011, 3:20 PM

Do you rush home from school so you can get your homework done before basketball practice? Is it too out there to think that the best and brightest minds are the biggest and fastest athletes? Do you think thousands of people would fill a stadium to watch a debate or a spelling bee every Sunday? What about Stephen Strasburg vs. Toby Gerhart in a chess match? More »

Joely Rice

What It's Like to Have an NFL Dad

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Joely Rice
  • January 21, 2011, 5:16 PM

This story starts when I texted New York Giants offensive lineman Rich Seubert after their huge, 31-7 December win over the Washington Redskins (if they had lost, I wasn’t going to send the text). I asked him if I could meet his kids to ask “What is it like to have a dad in the NFL?”

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Paul Ulane

Aaron Rodgers Is The Greatest Quarterback Of All Time!*

Seeing as I’m the world’s biggest Chicago Bears fan, this is very painful for me to admit, but heading into Conference Championship weekend, it’s time I got it off my chest. OK, here it goes: Aaron Rodgers is the greatest, most clutch, most talented quarterback to ever throw a football in the NFL. There, I said it. Happy, Packers fans?

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Julia Maddock

Super Bowl XLV: Who Will Be There?

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Julia Maddock
  • January 21, 2011, 12:27 AM

It’s the question everyone is asking: Who will be at the Super Bowl? Everyone has their own predictions and opinions, and here are mine... More »

Justin Tejada

Q&A with the Buffalo Bills' C.J. Spiller

  • GearHead
  • Posted by: Justin Tejada
  • January 20, 2011, 3:10 PM

It wasn’t that long ago that running back C.J. Spiller of the Buffalo Bills was running back C.J. Spiller of Union County High School in Lake Butler, Florida. In high school, Spiller dominated his opponents, rushing for 5,511 yards and scoring 93 touchdowns. One of the highlights of Spiller’s prep career was playing in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in 2006, a showcase game for the top high school players in the country. In 2011, Spiller returned to San Antonio, Texas, home of the All-American Bowl, to put this year’s crop of high school phenoms through a speed workout. caught up with Spiller after the workout to find out what he thought of the up-and-comers, his new sneakers, and his goals for the 2011 NFL season. Check out the interview and photos after the jump.

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Olivia Hops

Steelers vs. Ravens: Another Playoff Classic

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Olivia Hops
  • January 18, 2011, 11:45 AM

When its playoff time in the NFL, there are many things the league’s fans can count on: hot teams, exciting finishes, and, of course, the Ravens-Steelers matchup.

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Yoni Monat

Get it Right! It's Time for the Officials of Tomorrow

  • Kid Reporter
  • Posted by: Yoni Monat
  • January 18, 2011, 11:19 AM

Athletes should be judged on their ability, rather than the ability of those officiating. Officials have significantly altered numerous outcomes of games due to incorrect decisions. More »

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