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Paul Ulane

First and Goal: NFL Week 9 74

We’re halfway home in an NFL season that has a little bit of everything. We have a team that hasn’t lost, but also a team that hasn’t won. Teams that were in last place last year are in first this year and vice versa. If the season ended today, the Texans and Bengals would be the top seeds in the AFC. That's why now is when the real fun begins, because there's no way those two teams finish the season atop the AFC...or is there? We can only keep watching. For now, let's recap the madness of Week 9.   

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Paul Ulane

NFL Power Rankings: Week 9 61

OK people, the Professor is going on the road for an assignment – keep your eyes out in the next couple weeks for a super cool video on the site! – so I have to keep it brief this week. Think of these power rankings as the turbo power rankings, 1-32 in under 60 seconds! Well, maybe not that fast, but I’m going to keep it short. (Only one sentence per team!) Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think of your team’s ranking in the comments below.

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Gary Gramling

C'Mon Prince, Stay in Milwaukee (the Song!) 69

I know you Brewers fans are bummed out. You got knocked out of the playoffs by your hated rival Cardinals, who then went on to win it all. And even worse, superstar first baseman Prince Fielder is threatening to leave as a free agent!

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