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Paul Ulane

Soulra: Solar-Powered Docking Stereo

  • GearHead
  • Posted by: Paul Ulane
  • September 15, 2010, 5:42 PM

Does anything get you more pumped than hearing your favorite jam blasting through a stadium’s loudspeakers right before kickoff? What about during a crucial timeout in a hoops game? Or before a big at-bat? Well, now you can get your adrenaline pumping during your own pick-up games with the portable iPod stereo system Soulra.

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Duane Munn

Samsung Gravity 3

  • GearHead
  • Posted by: Duane Munn
  • September 8, 2010, 5:12 PM

Courtesy of Samsung

If you haven't already harassed Mom and Dad into getting you a new phone, you might want to insist on adding a Samsung Gravity 3 to your back-2-school gear haul. The affordably-priced (to see how affordable, see below) 3G phone boasts a sliding keyboard (using the phonepad to type is sooooo 2001), a 2.0MP digital camera that can take both photos and short videos, and comes pre-loaded with the social networking application Social Buzz.

Best of all? It's only $49.99!

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Gary Gramling

Fantasy Football 2010 Rankings: Tight Ends

  • Fantasy Fix
  • Posted by: Gary Gramling
  • September 8, 2010, 4:04 PM

At the top of our tight end rankings you'll find some familiar names, as well as a couple of rising star? Read on to find out who's Number 1...

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Gary Gramling

SIK Q&A: Football Legend John Elway

  • Gridiron Guru
  • Posted by: Gary Gramling
  • September 3, 2010, 11:54 AM

John Elway might be the greatest quarterback in football history. The rocket-armed quarterback led the Denver Broncos to five Super Bowls, including back-to-back championships, won an MVP award in 1987, and played in nine Pro Bowls. Before that, he was a record-setting star at Stanford University. He's a member of both the Pro and College Football Hall of Fame.

As a spokesman for the Topps football cards Gridiron Giveaway, Elway talked to about his card collection, whether he ever wanted to "pull a Favre," his Super Bowl prediction for this year, and that new guy in Denver: Tim Tebow...

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