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Paul Ulane

NFL Power Rankings: Week 3 21

It’s only Week 3, but the guard seems to be changing in the NFL. Pittsburgh, Tennessee and Carolina continue to struggle, while teams like the Ravens, Broncos, and Niners are sitting atop their respective divisions. Hey – even the Lions managed to pull off a win! It’s becoming more and more apparent every year: last season’s results have nothing to do with this season. Keep reading to see how all of these developments shook out in this week’s Power Rankings…

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Sarah Braunstein

Stinky Five: September 29 1

The last few days of baseball’s regular season are around the corner, and I gotta say: I am relieved.

It’s time to celebrate the best teams and stop dwelling on the failures. Next week I’ll anoint the five stinkiest teams of the season, like I did after the first half. Until then enjoy the final Stinky Five of 2009...

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Duane Munn

GearHead Q&A: Carmelo Anthony, Pt. I 8

  • GearHead
  • Posted by: Duane Munn
  • September 28, 2009, 8:03 PM

Did you know Carmelo Anthony has a new sneaker debuting this week (and that he debuted a new website last week? Scroll down to the bottom to learn more about that)? You did if you read my GearHead blogs! And if you didn’t know. Now you do. Lol.

To celebrate the impending release of the Jordan Melo M6, caught up with Mr. Anthony to discuss the inspiration behind his new kicks, his favorite Jordan Melo’s of all-time, and other sorts of cool stuff. Keep reading to see what he had to say...

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Sarah Braunstein

What to Watch: Weekend Baseball 6

The leaves are turning, it’s getting darker earlier and Starbucks has brought back its Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yup, it’s fall.

For a lot of teams this is a boring and depressing time of year when they no longer matter. But for a select few, these last weeks of the regular season can set the tone for how they head into the most important baseball of the year. Check out the must see battles taking place this weekend…

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Scott Jones

Baseball in Japan with the Sports Gamer 6

  • Sports Gamer
  • Posted by: Scott Jones
  • September 25, 2009, 11:16 AM

I'm in Tokyo this week for the Tokyo Game Show (a.k.a. TGS) and a colleague and I decided to make our way the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome to watch the Yomiuri Giants (a.k.a. Tokyo Giants) play an afternoon game against the Chunichi Dragons from Nagoya.
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Sarah Braunstein

Question of the Week: AL Cy Young Award 38

Yet again the readers of the Dugout Dispatch prove that they’re the best in the world. While some people might be blinded by CC Sabathia’s 18 wins, my readers know that when it comes to pitching, there are more important factors to consider.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to send your response for next week's question. But for now, read on for the answer to the question: 

Who should win the American League Cy Young Award?

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Paul Ulane

NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 43

You gotta love Week 2 in the NFL, when everything you thought you learned from Week 1 flies out the window. Powerhouses suddenly look like flukes. Flukes suddenly look like powerhouses. The Fantasy Wizard actually picks a couple of games correctly. It’s insanity I tell you! The result? Many teams were shuffled all over the place in this week’s Power Rankings, so let’s get down to it…

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