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Sarah Braunstein

Weekend Baseball: What to Watch

This weekend has its share of watchable match-ups. The Red Sox play the Blue Jays and the Yankees face the Indians, with first place in the AL East pretty much up for grabs. The AL West will keep it in the division, with Angels vs. Mariners and A’s vs. Rangers. And the Mets try to extend their one-game NL East lead against a Marlins team looking to recapture their early season success.

But which games are the ultimate in watch-ability? To find that out, you’ll have to click MORE

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Sachin Shenolikar

The Cavs Need More of Mo

  • Hoophead
  • Posted by: Sachin Shenolikar
  • May 29, 2009, 5:38 PM

In the spring of 2003 I spoke with an NBA scout about prospects who would be taken in that year's draft. We talked about some guy named LeBron, some guy named Carmelo, and a bunch of other players.

Then I asked the scout to tell me one sleeper in the Draft, a guy whom no one was talking about but would turn out to be a good pick. The scout named a little-known point guard from the University of Alabama: Mo Williams.

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Scott Jones

E3 2009: Gentlemen! Start! Your! Engines!

Right now, even as you read this, hundreds of flat screen HDTVs—each one practically the size of a squash court—are being wired up inside the glass and steel monolith known as the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown L.A. (Which is, mind you, only half a block away from the Staples Center, where the Lakers will continue their playoff run. Perhaps the Sports Gamer will enjoy a Kobe sighting or two next week. Wouldn't that be nice?)
I'll be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo—a.k.a. E3—starting Monday June 1 for what promises to be a return-to-form for the show. 
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Sarah Braunstein

Question of the Week: What to do About Papi?

Ahhh, Thursday. To some, it’s just the day before the weekend. But here at, it means just one thing: Question of the Week!

First, the responses to last week’s question: Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz is in a serious slump. Put yourself in the shoes of Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein. What do you do about David Ortiz?

Click MORE for your responses, and to see the next Question of the Week…

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Gary Gramling

May Madness: The BIGS 2 Tournament

  • Sports Gamer
  • Posted by: Gary Gramling
  • May 28, 2009, 11:50 AM

Time to fill out your brackets!

On Friday night, right here at the Village, four of your favorites (The Brain, Professor Ulane, Duane from New Jersey, and -- yours truly -- The Wiz) will be playing the mother of all tournaments: The BIGS 2 Home Run Pinball!

And we'll each be playing as a player we look like...

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Sarah Braunstein

MLB Fiery Five

I didn’t think much of it when I put the Chicago Cubs into the Stinky Five yesterday, but Professor Ulane could not take it.

He took one look at his team’s record in the last week and hasn’t been seen since.

The latest theory is that he took off for the Windy City to give Lou Piniella a piece of his mind. Until he returns, Fiery Five duty falls to me. Click MORE to see who made the cut this week…

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Gary Gramling

Fantasy Fix: More Mauer Power

  • Fantasy Fix
  • Posted by: Gary Gramling
  • May 27, 2009, 2:18 PM

Since the first day he played in the majors, all the way back in 2004, Twins C Joe Mauer ($6,700,000). He's a threat to win the batting title every year.

But there was always one problem with Mauer: no power! Coming into 2009, Mauer had only hit double-digit home runs in a season once, when he hit 13 in 2006. Apparently, that's no longer an issue.

Mauer missed the first month of the season, but has been crushing everything since. Through just 24 games, he already has 11 home runs, two shy of his career high! And, of course, he's hitting for average as usual... .429!

Now, Mauer obviously won't finish the season with a .429 average and 70 home runs. But, assuming his power surge is for real (remember, he's only 26 years old), Mauer is now one of the absolute elite players in fantasy baseball.

Click MORE to see who earned the latest a Wizzy of the Week Award, as well as the Smelly Human Being of the Week...

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