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Scott Jones

Review: Everlast Wii Boxing Gloves

It's no secret that the Wii is the most popular gaming console. People still line up outside of the Nintendo flagship store in New York City's RockefellerCenter, hoping to get their hands on one.

The popularity of the machine has also made Wii peripherals—a.k.a. the little gadgets and doohickeys that you can purchase to enhance your gaming experience—sell like hotcakes.

Some of these peripherals are cool. Like the Nerf Wii Wheel that we took a look at a few month's back.

But how about the Everlast-branded Wii Boxing Gloves? Exactly how cool are they?

The answer: pretty cool…especially if Boxing is your favorite game on WiiSports.
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Scott Jones

Review: Race Pro

Most console racing games—with the exception of the Gran Turismo series—steer clear of realism in the name of creating fast and furious, high-speed, and typically unrealistic experiences. (Case in point: Criterion's awesome Burnout series.)

With the release of the 360-only Race Pro, Gran Turismo officially has some competition.
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Scott Jones

Review: NASCAR Kart Racing

Around the old Sports Gamer offices, we love ourselves some Mario Kart Wii. Driving across Moo Moo Meadows in a rocket-propelled baby stroller while launching turtle shells in all directions is an experience every self-respecting gamer must have.

So what if you took the whimsy of Mario Kart, and replaced Luigi, Peach, and Mario with Jimmy Johnson, Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart? And instead of rocket-propelled baby strollers, you had tiny versions of NASCAR cars as go-karts?

Voila: a Wii racing game franchise is born.
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Scott Jones

We Ski & Snowboard

Less than a year after We Ski shipped for the Nintendo Wii, boom, we get a quickie follow-up. Around the Sports Gamer offices, we're suspicious of quickie follow-ups, which can take advantage of unsuspecting gamers (and their wallets).

So is the sequel worth your time and money?

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