First Look at Madden NFL 15

madden nfl 15

Here's another sign we're getting closer to football season. EA Sports today released the first real trailer for Madden NFL 15, and it features a solid look at its gameplay and features like two new defensive cameras and improved open-field tackling mechanics.

Like the first commercial for the game, this spot features Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly as he's transformed from human player to video game character. Then he hits the field against Super Bowl champs the Seattle Seahawks. That matchup isn't random: Kuechly and Seahawks star corner Richard Sherman are finalists to be the face of Madden 15. We'll know who will be the cover star tonight at 6 p.m.

In the meantime, check out this brief but awesome look at the game:

Madden NFL 15 hits Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and PS3 on August 29.

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oh man that's so sick looking

I think Madden 15 looks AWESOME. Really just Seattle could use getting better because of the Super Bowl.

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