First Look: RBI Baseball 14

rbi baseball 14

When it comes to baseball video games, 2014 is bound to be dominated by MLB 14 The Show. That game hits PS3 in April and PS4 in May and features stunning graphics, cool gameplay, and excellent franchise mode options. But there's another game on the release schedule that takes a little different approach to baseball gaming.

RBI Baseball 14 is scheduled for an early April release on PS3, Xbox 360, and mobile platforms (Android, iOS), and it's way more low-fi than MLB 14. Released by MLB Advanced Media, RBI 14 is kind of a throwback title. It's based on one of the oldest, coolest baseball games ever developed, RBI Baseball. The first version of the game was released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, and there hasn't been an RBI title since 1995. The new game will honor the series in gameplay and look and feel, but update the graphics for newer consoles.

"It's going to be very true to the roots of the brand, of RBI Baseball," Jamie Leece, vice president of games for MLB Advanced Media, told the website Polygon. "It will be fast-paced; games can be played in under 20 minutes. From a user control standpoint, fans will find the controls to be 'classic,' reminiscent of the two-button controls from games of that generation."

RBI 14 will feature all 30 MLB teams with 16 real players per team. But don't look for photorealistic faces. The game will use three basic body types to reflect sluggers, contact hitters, and balanced players. In other words, this all about simulation — and having fun playing baseball on a console or mobile device.

The first images were released today, also on the Polygon website. Here are a couple looks:

rbi baseball 14 gameplay

rbi baseball 14 fenway

And for comparison's sake, here's what the very first RBI Baseball looked like:

rbi baseball 14 1988

There are a lot more photos and information about RBI 14 on the Polygon site. Be sure to check it out!

Images: MLB Advanced Media/Polygon

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