The Most Realistic Toy of Clippers Forward Blake Griffin Ever

  • Hoophead
  • Dante A. Ciampaglia
  • November 7, 2013, 10:09 AM

blake griffin enterbay

There are toys, and then there's this Blake Griffin figure from Enterbay. The Los Angeles Clippers forward has been turned into a kind of super-sized action figure so lifelike you'd swear Griffin himself was hanging out on your shelf, mid-dunk.

Toy-version Griffin is part of Enterbay's Real Masterpiece: NBA Collection, and was released on October 27. He stands 13 inches tall — or about one-sixth the size of the real Griffin — and features 40 points of articulation, five pairs of hands (two with magnets to hold on to the ball), and two different head sculpts. So you can set this guy into all sorts of action poses.

But what really makes this figure pop is the authentic jersey and equipment. Enterbay's Griffin wears an accurate Clippers home uni, and he comes with a set of white elbow pads and basketball tights. Even the ball is the real deal: It's a one-sixth size Spalding rock that has a magnet inside to connect with the figure's hands.

This is a pretty amazing collectible, and at a cost of $205 it's a little pricey. But we can still take a closer look and appreciate how awesome it is. Here are a few more angles on action figure Blake Griffin:

blake griffin enterbay

blake griffin enterbay

blake griffin enterbay

blake griffin enterbay

Photos courtesy Enterbay

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