NFL Power Rankings — Week 7

nfl power rankings week seven peyton manning denver broncos

After six weeks, the top and bottom-tier teams have been established. It’s the teams in the middle of the pack that must figure out how to get wins and compete for playoff sports.

Teams like San Diego and Baltimore are great some days and average on other days. But one thing’s for sure — they’ll be fun to watch as the season continues, especially as they compete for divisional titles. We should be in for a great rest of the season.

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denver broncos 1. Denver Broncos (6-0, Last Week: 1)

The Broncos beat the Jaguars, but the game was much closer than everyone expected. That’s not a cause for concern, it just shows that Denver can’t play near-perfect football every week. Peyton Manning and his offense are great, but scoring 40 points a game is unrealistic. The Broncos will still be the top team in the league until someone finds a way to slow them down.

kansas city chiefs 2. Kansas City Chiefs (6-0, Last Week: 2)

In their win over the Raiders on Sunday, the Chiefs showed why they are one of the best teams in the league: They sacked Oakland quarterback Terrelle Pryor 10 times and recorded three interceptions. The Kansas City offense isn’t great, but when your defense plays well enough to get 10 sacks, you have a great chance to win every game.

new orleans saints 3. New Orleans Saints (5-1, Last Week: 3)

The Saints’ first loss of the season was a disappointing one. They had chances to beat New England, but let the Patriots get a comeback win. Superstar tight end Jimmy Graham hurt his foot during the game, and the team’s offense could really struggle if he misses time. Quarterback Drew Brees must rally the Saints and make sure this loss doesn’t become a streak.

new england patriots 4. New England Patriots (5-1, Last Week: 9)

The Patriots got their biggest win of the season against the Saints. Tom Brady led New England to a comeback win against a top 5 team and once again showed why he is one of the best to ever play the game. There isn’t much talent on the Patriots offense, but Brady is great at setting up teammates. Combine his play with a defense that ranks fourth in points allowed, and New England can be one of the best teams in the AFC.

seattle seahawks 5. Seattle Seahawks (5-1, Last Week: 5)

The Seahawks beat a good Tennessee team on Sunday, but looked vulnerable. Seattle made some big mistakes against the Titans, and struggled at home, where they usually dominate. They’re still one the league’s best, but must play better against Arizona on Thursday in order to stay in the race for the NFC crown.

chicago bears 6. Chicago Bears (4-2, Last Week: 8)

Chicago recorded three interceptions against Eli Manning for a win against the struggling Giants. The win wasn’t impressive, but it gave the Bears an important win. The NFC North has been very competitive so far, as Chicago, Detroit, and Green Bay are all playing well. The Bears will need all the wins they can get to win the division or earn a wild card spot.

san francisco 49ers 7. San Francisco 49ers (4-2, Last Week: 6)

Frank Gore continued to play well and Colin Kaepernick and tight end Vernon Davis also had great games in San Francisco’s win over Arizona on Sunday. If both the passing and running games can be effective, as they were against the Cardinals, the 49ers will be extremely tough to beat. San Francisco is once again looking like the team that was expected to be back in the Super Bowl this season.

indianapolis colts 8. Indianapolis Colts (4-2, Last Week: 4)

Just as the Colts were looking like a top 5 team, they lost to a Chargers team they should have beaten. Quarterback Andrew Luck and his offense couldn’t score a touchdown, and the defense couldn’t stop Philip Rivers and San Diego’s offense. Now the Colts must host their old star quarterback Peyton Manning and the Broncos in what will be their toughest game yet.

green bay packers 9. Green Bay Packers (3-2, Last Week: 12)

The Packers beat the Ravens on Sunday, but saw two of their best receivers get hurt. Randall Cobb will be out several weeks, and James Jones suffered a knee injury that doesn’t appear to be as serious. Green Bay still has plenty of weapons and an elite quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, and there is enough talent on both sides of the ball for the Packers to remain competitive.

cincinnati bengals 10. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2, Last Week: 7)

The Bengals had to go to overtime to beat the Bills, an indicator that they’re still too inconsistent to be considered a great team. They’re good enough to be in the playoffs, but won’t go too far until they play at a high level every week. A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard must make plays to keep Cincinnati atop the AFC North.


11. Detroit Lions (4-2, Last Week: 13)
Tight end Joseph Fauria (three touchdowns against Cleveland) could be a key player for the Lions the rest of the season.

12. Tennessee Titans (3-3, Last week: 10)
Though they lost, the Titans challenged Seattle on the road.

13. Dallas Cowboys (3-3, Last week: 14)
The Cowboys played well in all phases of the game during their win over Washington on Sunday.

14. Baltimore Ravens (3-3, Last week: 15)
The Ravens are way too inconsistent to be considered a contender right now..

15. San Diego Chargers (3-3, Last week: 19)
By beating the Colts, the Chargers showed they could compete with the league’s best.

16. Miami Dolphins (3-2, Last week: 11)
After a bye week, Miami can pick up an important win over the divisional rival Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

17. Arizona Cardinals (3-3, Last week: 16)
Arizona was outplayed by a very good San Francisco team, but 3-3 in the NFC West is not a bad start.

18. Cleveland Browns (3-3, Last week: 21)
The Browns really miss quarterback Brian Hoyer. They can’t win with Brandon Weeden.

19. New York Jets (3-3, Last week: 17)
Geno Smith and the Jets were outplayed by the Steelers.

20. St. Louis Rams (3-3, Last week: 22)
The Rams looked great against the Texans and are now at .500.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3, Last week: 23)
Quarterback Nick Foles has done a great job filling in for Michael Vick, and the Eagles have won two in a row.

22. Oakland Raiders (2-4, Last week: 24)
The Raiders have a long way to go before they can compete with teams like the Chiefs.

23. Buffalo Bills (2-4, Last week: 20)
Backup quarterback Thad Lewis, who is playing for injured starter EJ Manuel, was excellent in the Bills’ close loss to the Bengals.

24. Carolina Panthers (2-3, Last week: 27)
TThe Panthers can be an exciting team, as they showed in their 35-10 win over Minnesota.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4, Last week: 29)
The Steelers are no longer winless, and look to get their second victory against their fiercest rival, the Ravens.

26. Houston Texans (2-4, Last week: 21)
Houston’s season has gotten even more miserable now that quarterback Matt Schaub is injured.

27. Atlanta Falcons (1-4, Last week: 28)
– If the Falcons can’t beat the Buccaneers on Sunday, their season will become an embarrassment.

28. Washington Redskins (1-4, Last week: 25)
Last year’s exciting season seems like a distant memory for the Redskins.

29. Minnesota Vikings (1-4, Last week: 25)
Maybe new quarterback Josh Freeman, who is starting against the Giants on Monday night, can get the Vikings to play better.

30. New York Giants (0-6, Last week: 30)
At this point, the best the Giants can do is get two wins by the halfway point of the season.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-6, Last week: 32)
Though they lost, the Jaguars got the undefeated Broncos to make some mistakes.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-5, Last week: 31)
Now that Josh Freeman is gone, Mike Glennon must carry Tampa Bay to its first win.

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