NFL All-Stars Get a New Look for the 2013 Pro Bowl

new pro bowl jerseys

Earlier today, the NFL and Nike unveiled the jerseys that football's all-stars will wear for this season's Pro Bowl (which will be played January 26, 2014, in Honolulu, Hawaii). It's certainly a different look for the league that's usually all about tradition and classic design.

According to the NFL's press release, the NFL Nike Elite 51 Uniform is the "lightest and most breathable NFL Nike uniform to date." It's also a concept uniform that will grab attention for its bright colors and streamlined design. The darker NFC jersey looks a bit like what the Seahawks wear, but both have kind of a college football look, don't they? 

Take a closer look at the new jerseys, and let us know what you think of them in the comments section below!

new pro bowl jersey afc

new pro bowl jersey nfc

new pro bowl jerseys

Photos courtesy NFL

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Nike Rules!

Those jersey's are horrible! What happened to the red and blue jerseys, the classics. #oldprobowlcomeback

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