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Just when you thought the Tim Tebow saga was over: ESPN reporter Ed Weder says that the New England Patriots are signing Tebow and he'll report to Patriots mini-camp on Tuesday. Just a few days ago, Patriots coach Bill Belichick had to set the record straight about his feelings on Tebow.

The Patriots are the third team Tebow has been a part of in three years. After starting his NFL career with the Denver Broncos, he was traded to the New York Jets after the Broncos signed Peyton Manning. During this offseason, the Jets released Tebow and since then it seemed like Tebow's career in the NFL might be over.

But now, Tebow takes his talents (and the Wildcat?) to New England where he'll join Tom Brady on one of football's most potent offenses. What role Tebow will play in Boston — and whether Gronk will add Tebowing to his repertoire — remains to be seen. One thing's for sure, though. You need to circle October 20 on your calendar. That's when the Patriots head to New York to take on the Jets. You can be sure Tebow is going to get an earful from the Jets faithful.

More news as it develops!

What do you think of Tim Tebow as a member of the Patriots? Was New England smart to sign him? What impact do you think he'll have?

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bill and tebow no way

I've watched him since high school too. I think its really cool he ran a 40yd. TD w/ a broken leg. Now if that's not enough proof that he's a beast I don't know what I.


Tebow is horrible. The Pats just wanted a 4th string guy that can show future quarterbacks what not to do. QB depth chart: 1.Brady 2.Mallot 3.(whoever the punter is) 4.Tebow

the patriots will never win a super bowl again they r terrible

yeah, besides the fact they have arguably the best QB in NFL history the best TE in the league, a rising star in Amendola a few good young running backs in Vereen and Ridley they're real bad yeah. I bet you couldn't name 5 players on your favorite team. If you don't know what you're talking which you don't don't say anything.

then whos ur team

My mom loves Tim Tebow. So I'm happy that he got on a team. Go TEBOW!!

I think it's really interesting that Tim got traded. Now, I think they'll have the best- or best offenses in the NFL. It's better for Tebow and the Patriots that they have Tebow. If Brady is injured, Tebow can step in and direct the Pat's offense and could actually have a great chance at the Super Bowl.

I agree they have a great chance to win the superbowl, but Tebow will make no difference for the pats, Brady won't get injured and even if he does Mallet will step in not Tebow and there's a good chance he'll get cut before the year even starts.

We got the superbowl this season!

If Tim's gonna get a good NFL career in, the only team that can do that is NEW ENGLAND. Look at it this way: Tom Brady was a struggling college player and Bill Belichick turned his career around. If Tebow gets to play some, ,he can become a star! I am a huge Patriots fan and I hope this season that Tebow can help the team out

I have been watching Tim play since he played at nease high school so i am a really huge Tebow and I love the Pats. So, congrats to Tim! I just hope he gets to play the game unlike he did on the Jets. The Jets miss used him! They missed out on a great Quarterback! Go Pats and GO TEBOW!

Awesome dude. I totally agree that the jets misused him. They needed to sit Sanchez I mean is there a doubt he is one of the worst if not the worst Quarterback in the NFL, so they should have sat him by week 8 and had Tebow start not Mcleroy although he didn't do too bad. But that's a great comment dude, nice job.

Yeah! Great comment. i am a huge Pats fan and Tebow is a great player!

Absolutely Awesome I love the patriots and am a Tebow fan thank you Bill

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