Watch One Of the Craziest Diving Baseball Catches You'll Ever See

We've been watching baseball a LONG time. We've seen some amazing plays. Home runs stolen by an outfielder climbing the wall. Shortstops going deep into the hole and having to jump and spin to nail the runner at first. A third baseman flying into the stands for a foul ball. But NC State centerfielder Brett Williams may have our favorite play. His dive is so crazy, it almost doesn't look real. Watch the video above and let us know what you think. If this isn't the best outfield dive you've seen, what's your favorite play?

[Big League Stew]

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Wow!!!!! Good Catch... it was crazy..

Too awesome especially the flip in midair! The natters thinking "I just got robbed!"

Holy snap



The teams bUt is to big,so they stink!!!!!

So Much Junk Right Here.

Whoah, Thats Crazy!!

Good Catch !

the team does not stink they are playing in the CWS

The team stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the one of the best catches i've ever seen.

i cant believe he did that!!!!

omg that was oovvveeerrrlllyyy awsome

oh my gosh thats crazy!!!

This was #2 on Sportscenter Top 10.

I agree that is the most amazing catch ever!


yeah thats sooo amazing wasnt it

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