Adidas Redesigns UCLA, Kansas and Notre Dame's Basketball Uniforms For March Madness

  • Hoophead
  • Jeremy Repanich
  • February 28, 2013, 11:57 AM

adidas march madness uniforms

We've got just one day left in February, but Adidas couldn't wait for March to kick off the madness. They've unveiled new basketball uniforms in time for the NCAA Tournament for six of their flagship schools -- Kansas Jayhawks, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, UCLA Bruins, Louisville Cardinal, Baylor Bears and Cincinnati Bearcats.

Each of the uniforms include camouflage-print shorts and that same camo splashed on the tops. UCLA, Louisville and Baylor will sport short-sleeved jersey's just like the Golden State Warriors now wear. Some guys like the option of not wearing sleeves when they play, it will be interesting to see how players on those teams take to the new design.

We're big fans of the socks and the shoes and the cut of the neckline and shoulders on the Kansas, Notre Dame and Cincy jerseys. Not as big of a fan of mismatched shorts and jerseys though. Also, we asked a Notre Dame grad what they though and they wondered why the Fighting Irish's uniforms weren't the school's colors. The Notre Dame jerseys look positively tropical!

Check out a few close-ups of the unis and then tell us in the comments below what you think of the them and which one is your favorite!

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Notre Dame's are awful

They look weird am I right

I dont like these. The camo thing just isn't fitting for these teams. Especially UCLA, whose classy uniform you can depend on. And Notre Dame? Are they going St. Patricks for march?


I don't really like these jerseys. They look horrible

Six years ago when I was a 14year old basketball was an awesome sport

i like them because there new and different lookng.

The uniforms shirts look great but it could do without the camo. The neon colors and how they mach with the opeset colors.

I like these uniforms my favorite would haveto be the red ones! In my opinion I would wear different socks for the bright yellow ones.

Those look really cool! My favorite are the red ones! Also I think the yellow ones are to bright.

Can't wait to see these during March Madness.

Can't wait to see this during March Madness.

The uniforms look fantastic

Those unifoirms are great

These are really cool. I think they're way better then the old college basketball uniforms. They look more updated and in style, and they're more stylish, & the stripes/patterns on the shorts stand out a lot and that's a good thing! I like them a lot.

i like these A LOT they are very creative!.

yes very

Those are rally cool looking ! That should make those for soocer !

I think the new uniformes look cool. I really love the colors and the shoes.

i really like the new uniforms ... the uniforms have real great colors .;)

These are amazing!

thats really cool ! , they should make these uniforms for soccer !


those uniforms look grea. i love the camo shorts the most

I think these are horrendous. These are too bright and loud; they would just distract the players from their jobs and the audience from the game.

They need to focus on the clothes being functional and comfortable to wear. Not what they look like all the time.

These uniforms are pretty amazing...I would buy them..

beast uniforms

ya i like the shorts those r cool rock chalk

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