Watch Super Bowl XLVII's best play with Lego-like OYO minifigures

In one of the weirdest Super Bowls we've ever seen, there was no shortage of huge plays. One of the best happened in the second quarter. Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones dashed by a confused San Francisco 49ers secondary to get wide open downfield. When Jones turned, caught the pass, fell backwards, then alertly popped up and scored, the 56-yard touchdown that put the Ravens up 21-3.

Well, aside from the lights going out in the Superdome, we wanted to show you, our faithful readers, the best play of the game. It came down to a choice between Jacoby Jones and Jacoby Jones. We decided to go with his long catch instead of his scintillating kickoff return.

A play like that was just begging to be reenacted by some toys. So we took the OYO Sportstoys commemorative Super Bowl minifigures and created a stop-motion animation of that long Flacco toss. Admittedly, OYO doesn't make their Lego-like figures for every single player, so we had to sub in 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree at safety. Check out the video above and see an animated gif after the jump.

What do you think of our Super Bowl XLVII highlight with OYO figures? Tell us in the Comments below.

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Who ever made this,WOW ! I've never seen any thing like it!

that i8s halarious

no one even cares that about half of the 49ers D was offensive players cuz IT WAS AWESOME!!!

That was GREAT! But i am still sad that the 49ers lost.




its cool, but why is the 49ners offence defence

Nice TD dance

That was cool but alex smith, micheal crabtree,vernon davis and frank gore were on defense.


hey this is awsome

That's awesome.... for them.

this video is very good this is like the best video in.
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i'll bet 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cash this guys awsome!

Wow they even have that epic catch

Great job SIKIDS! That's pretty cool!


Got to go with you, that was awesome!

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