Watch Gerald Henderson Throw Down a Huge Dunk On Dwight Howard

  • Hoophead
  • Jeremy Repanich
  • December 19, 2012, 5:09 PM

Last night the Charlotte Bobcats' made their way to Los Angeles to take on the Lakers. Kobe and Co. managed to hold on for a slim 101-100 win when the Bobcats missed three shots in the final seconds that would have given them the lead.

But the play of the game, and maybe the play of the night in the whole NBA, came when the Bobcats' Gerald Henderson cut through the paint rose up like he was taking off from a trampoline and literally threw it down through the hoop. It was awesome.

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O MY GOSH THAT'S WASN'T AMAZING sorry but Dwight didn't try to block the dunk and Gerald Henderson just threw it in the hoop

1 word vicious

the bobcats can dunk they are not that bad

where is Blake griffen?

great dunk!! to bad it was on my favorite player

That dose not look like a dunk.

someone need to fix king james lining

Best Dunk I've seen in ages . Swet Man!!!!!

Since When did the short guy show up

That kinda stinks though cause i have Dwight Howard on my fantasy team.

Man! That beats some of Michael Jordan's dunks! Best dunk ever!

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