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Review: Sports Champions 2 (PlayStation Move)

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If you like PlayStation Move, and you like sports, you’re going to like Sports Champions 2. It’s really that simple.

Like the original Sports Champions, the Move controls are better than you’re going to get on the Wii (think Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort). And the Sports Champions titles are more complex. Something like Wii Sports is probably better if you’re playing with mom or grandpa, or if you just want something you can pick up and learn in five minutes. But if you want some serious competition with a fellow gamer, the Sports Champions titles are the way to go. Specifically Sports Champions 2 is the way to go.

Sports Champions 2 provides a take on bowling and boxing that is more realistic but still fun. Bowling remains one of the best games for any motion-based console. In bowling, you’re basically going to have to master that hook, getting the ball to kiss the gutter and then curve back into the pins. It will take a little bit of time to master, but you’ll have plenty of fun once you do.

As for boxing, it’s more of a grind. There’s more strategy involved. There’s a series of different punches you can throw, rather than just high/low. Yes, you can just flail your arms like a mad man and still have some success. But working through the nuances and strategies will make you ever better.

But the best part of the game has to be archery. It was awesome on the original Sports Champions, and now it’s even better. There’s a series of mini-games that are absolutely addictive. Like, you’ll start playing after dinner and then you’ll look out and realize the sun is coming up because it’s morning.

Skiing was the one sports I could take or leave. I always love races, and this is basically ski cross. But really it just feels like a lot of floating that you don’t really control that much.

My only real problem with Sports Champions 2 is that you can’t play online. Don’t get me wrong, these games are a ton of fun to play on your own. But it’s nice to have a real person as competition sometimes. Yes, you can have someone in the room playing against you. But what if you’re like me and you sweat and stink when you play Sports Champions and no one wants to be around you because you smell so terrible? Okay, I know you probably don’t have that problem. But still, your best bud can’t always be around every time you feel like playing.

Bottom line though, anyone who gets this game is going to be plenty satisfied.

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